Armoire Amore

First, this is TOTALLY random, I know, but I bought these SUPER cute Toms off of a “shop my closet” Instagram. I’ve never owned Toms before, so I was really excited! But I was SO bummed to find out that they don’t fit me! :( They are a size 8.5 but fit more like an 8. I am selling them for only $30 (shipping included/free … however you want to see it ;) ). PLEASE let me know in the comments if you’re interested! First person to post their Paypal email gets them!

So I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook recently that I bought an armoire on Craigslist for only $25!! I’ve been looking for a television solution for a while and had some cash. BUT, my “budget” was only $25. It was no surprise to me that I was having a hard time finding anything cute (or with good bones) that I wanted. I was determined not to spend more than $25 though, so I kept searching. Well, I found what I wanted!! :)

This is what we currently have (don’t mind the baby feet ;) ):

Not too bad…actually I know several people that use this same Ikea bookcase this same way. But I was looking for something to HIDE the television. So here is what I SCORED!

But there are two problems…one is that it reeeeally smells badly of smoke and cigarettes. So bad that it has made our garage stink. So we’re moving it to the back porch tonight. I need it to air out quick! Because the second problem is that I really want to paint it ;) So I thought I’d share some inspirational shots I found on Pinterest … just shots that give you a bit of an idea what I want to do. I’ll be posting a complete step-by-step hopefully sometime next week?? (Monday maybe??) I’m so excited to share!





  1. Jessica says

    I’d soooo, love to replace our ikea shelf/entertainment center. I’m excited to see your finish product! You go girl!