31 Days of Joy :: Day 4

Okay, so I missed days two and three…whoops. I guess this won’t be as easy as I thought! Gotta get a better system or routine going to get my brain functioning enough to write and the time to sit and do it! [mama of two under 2.5 years old = no. time. for. anything. ;) ha!]

So anyway, yesterday I got the opportunity to spend some time alone with my firstborn. My daughter Jael is 2 years 8 months old and is a super smart, extremely funny, joyful, and stubborn little girl! We have been having some tug-of-war type of days with the rules and my authority and she has had so many timeouts lately, my head is spinning! So yesterday, a few hours with her, the playplace at the mall, and the Disney store was just the right medicine for my mommy heart to get back to enjoying her rather than feeling like I was constantly using my “mom voice.” ;) [side note: she still acted like a stinker and was extremely stubborn all day, even with my undivided mommy attention…I don’t get it]

It just was a really sweet time. It reminded me how much JOY she brings to my life and the blessing she is. I don’t know how on earth God thought I’d have the strength to handle her determined little spirit, but I am so thankful that He gave her to me. Thank you, LORD, for the JOY you give me in my daughter. She is a sweetness beyond words.

As seen on Cupcake Wars??? I’m IN!

Mom, this cupcake is SO good!

Favorite movie is Tangled…so mom is getting Christmas gift ideas at the Disney store ;)

Totally going to try and crochet this! :)