Confession: I’m Bad with Money

Okay, so I have a confession. An embarrassing one. One that will put another crack in the “I’m Okay” facade that I sometimes hide behind. Something that makes me fearful that people will think I am asking for help when I tell them about my struggle. But honestly, I never ask for help. I don’t ask for anything. Because I rarely share. I rarely touch on this topic, let alone confess what I am about to say.

I am irresponsible with money. Or well at least I used to be. And then the pendulum swung to the other side and I became extremely tight with money. Held onto it like it was life. I struggle with it being an idol in my life. Not in the sense that I have to have a lot of it, but that I just feel really super anxious when we are tight and often get stomach aches and am irritable. That it consumes my thoughts.

And I hate that!

So I began to pray. Pray that I would let it go. Prayed God would provide in a way to help us pay off debts and live in a way that we were less burdened. Prayed for new ways to grocery shop, save money, and try to dig ourselves out of this — not insanely large, but overwhelming to us — hole.

Well, I am writing this to you today to say PRAISE GOD! He answered our prayers! I won’t go into specific detail because that would be uncomfortable, but lets just say that three credit lines got paid off today :) And a class that my husband and I are taking that still had a balance was also paid for today. Friends, I am not trying to say this to brag in ANY way. I will be the FIRST to say I mess up ROYALLY. I simply CANNOT ever fix anything and my attempts always fall short.

But I know to ask the Lord to fix what I have broken and restore what I have ruined. Boy have I prayed that prayer more times than one. More times than ten! But regardless of our actions, our mess ups, and our stumbling blocks, God still blesses us. So friends, I just wanted to share that today to thank Jesus for saving my life, restoring my future, and correcting my path.

To Him be the glory!