So, on the heels of yesterday’s post, I really was feeling overwhelmed with how many things I wanted to pray for, all the people I wanted to pray for, just the enormity of all the things I wanted to bring before the Lord. He hears. He is able. But would I have the time to bring everything to Him?

I was just feeling unsure and overwhelmed. Many times when I have SO much that I want to pray for [or simply SO much on my mind], my prayers get jumbled and I get sidetracked easily. Does that happen to you? But I love how the Lord quickly comes to our aid when we have need. He laid on my heart an idea that I absolutely LOVE and loved doing yesterday. Would you believe He even gave me a name and…hashtag?? Yup…God is down with the social media. ;)

Stop To Pray is a way for us to keep accountable to God and ourselves to pray for specific things and make sure that we are taking the time to do so. Often times, I have all these “good intentions” to pray and then suddenly its 5:00 and dinner needs to be made and the day is gone. Sound familiar? The Lord placed on my heart a way to keep myself accountable by setting alarms on my phone to remind me to pray. Even if it is just a small prayer offered up…I set an alarm for 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 5:00 pm. Each time the alarm goes off, I pray for whatever comes to mind or whatever I feel led to.

Stop To Pray

BUT of course, the enemy tries to distort and ruin good things. And I started feeling like a loser that I had to set an alarm on my phone just to remember to pray. I felt lame that I couldn’t just be a “good Christian” and always be praying every moment. But God gently turned my face back to Him and reminded me that I was human and that this season of my life is chaotic and if an alarm is what I needed to prompt my spirit to realign with the Lord, then that is what I shall do. I’d rather have an alarm and pray and quiet my spirit than to go the entire day without doing that at all!

Would you join me? I post my pics of what I am praying for or you could post whatever is on your heart — maybe a picture of what you’re praying for…whatever! And just remember to hashtag #stoptopray on Instagram and/or Twitter. I’ve already seen fruits of my prayers within the last 24 hours, and I am SO excited to see what is to come! Maybe if we start doing this more and more and seeing more answers to prayers, we can start a blog link up where we tell the stories of how the Lord answers us. Or share prayer needs. I don’t know! But I am excited to see what the Lord will do with this!! :)