InstaFriday [#4]

This past week has flown by…I really feel like time is simultaneously passing quickly and dragging. Such is the life of a stay-at-home mommy!! :)

This week, my husband made the decision to begin a clean eating lifestyle. I already eat gluten-free, so this choice for me was easy. However, for my husband, this is going to cut out a lot of the quick and easy foods he eats. Even things we think are “healthy” like granola bars, whole grain cereals/breads, etc. are not necessarily “clean.” One rule I’ve heard of is that if it has more than two ingredients, it ain’t clean. Ouch! Anyway, I’ll be sharing more of our lifestyle here on the blog, so keep an eye out! ;) Here are some of our clean eats this week.

Our babies got up early this last week…too early. We had some snuggle time in our bed. Good thing we have a king!

Jael transitioned to a big girl bed and has been in it for a little while, but all of the sudden she started getting up at 1:00am EVERY NIGHT. So we had a talk and she said she wanted her crib back. Call me crazy, but I gave in. And she has been sleeping soundly in her crib for a few days. Hubby and I think she just wasn’t ready. But since we didn’t reintroduce the crib until Monday night, I drank a couple of these over the weekend…so tasty and gives me some much needed energy! I got a bulk pack from Costco ;)

Since the kiddos weren’t sleeping well (Elijah has stopped sleeping through the night), they both have been randomly falling asleep during the day. Elijah naps still, of course, but Jael does not. :/ So when this dude fell asleep on me, I put him to bed!

Then I tried to have a rest on the couch with Jael. Which resulted in…

And since Jael fell asleep on the couch, I thought, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll take a nap too!’ But a mere 15 minutes later, Elijah was crying wanting his paci. And he cried in 15 minute intervals which kept me from lying down and falling asleep. I got up every 15 minutes to reinsert the paci. He would sleep…then cry again. Ugh.

So on Sunday at church, when our pastor spoke on the New Earth and how the Lord will “wipe away every tear from our eyes,” I was overcome with emotion. Life has been a burden lately with no sleep and cranky kids…so thinking of what is to come and our Rescuer redeeming this broken world (including broken me) made me feel so Homesick.

Monday, I had my Surge group at Starbucks, so I went a little early and worked on design ;)

Stress and lack of sleep = breaking out like a pubescent teenager ;)

And since Jael refuses to nap, we are starting a new schedule for the day. Her days are mostly unstructured, so my husband and I talked about making a schedule to help keep my stress down and maybe reduce the crankiness she has throughout the day. So, we attempted quiet time. Which lasted 10 minutes. ;)

I am also adding this to my reading list. I think I have like 4 or 5 books I am reading right now, but I am really excited to hear what Dave Ramsey has to say about being an entrepreneur. :)

Excited for what this new week has in store. Hopefully it includes healthy eating, well behaved children, and SLEEP! Hey, a girl can dream, right?! ;)

life rearranged

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  1. says

    we have so much in common!! not sleeping babies mostly!! just finished Dave’s book, you’ll LOVE it!! Love Dave Ramsey!! Hop you start getting some sleep! I got a book that really helped…The Dream Sleeper…I couldn’t do the cry it out but I took TONS of advice from the book and we are making great progress with my 5 month old!!! Good luck and great to stop by your blog from Instafriday!

    • Erin Lauray says

      Sara — Thank YOU for stopping by here! ;) We *think* we may have figured out why our son isn’t sleeping so well. I think he is ready to wean from the swaddle :) Last night we left one arm out and he slept from 10:45pm to 5:45am! And today, for each nap, I’ve left an arm out and he’s taken some really good long naps. :) Maybe he was just struggling so much through the night that he woke himself up? I hope its not just a short lived thing but that this is the start of better sleep for all of us! :)

      And I am SO excited to start Financial Peace. We just got our kit in the mail yesterday so I’m excited to get out of debt! Thanks again for stopping by, Sara! :)