InstaFriday [#3]

I have done SO much this past week! It hardly feels like just last weekend I was relaxing beside a hotel pool sans-kids…[drool]…oh, ahem, sorry…I was daydreaming… ;)

Who knew life could be documented so easily with an iPhone camera? Just this morning I took a video of my two-year-old and thought, “Home movies have changed forever.” ha!


Me and the hubbs being silly – facetime while I was relaxing in my hotel room last weekend. He was so sweet to watch the kids so that I could go away for a night, get some sleep, and recharge. :)

Be jealous. ;) Not really…I wish every mom could have a relaxing weekend away!!

Then, when I got home last Saturday, my husband had gone to work, I got the kids in bed by 8:00, and had some MORE time to myself! Reading Hunger Games, drinking a Coke, and eating some yummy popcorn. ;) In the QUIET.

I started the SheReadsTruth Proverbs study this week. You should join! You can here. This verse was a good one to start with — I felt the need to pray for the gals participating and this is what I prayed for them, that we would understand the proverbs. ;)

Seriously, since Memorial Day, I have been OBSESSED with watermelon! Chilled in the fridge…oh. so. good. And since I accidentally paid $6.50 for this watermelon, I’m determined to eat the entire thing. Won’t be too hard. ;)

A quiet house is so nice, but the kids have to get up sometime. Don’t they? Would leaving them in their beds while they chitter-chat away be so bad?? heehee

Spent a lot of time this week praying about something that was on my heart. I can say right now that my prayer has been answered. SO amazing how the Lord can take a heart of stone and turn it to flesh. My stone-solid heart after much prayer and tears was turned to one filled with JOY. Hallelujah!

Say hello, little Lijah!!!!! ;)

My 150th photo [tagged on Instagram] — Jael eating BROCCOLI and CHICKEN. That night, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. ;)

Elijah has sloooooowly been working towards a schedule. I’ll tell you, Jael was SO easy on a schedule! I put her on one at the start of month three and she has seriously been a clockwork kid since then. Elijah is a cuddly, sensitive, emotional child that is taking his time getting into a routine. That day [and today so far!] he took three naps, was SUPER predictable to when he was tired, and went down really easy for me. It was like wake, feed, play, nap, wake, feed, play, nap…all day long. It was amazing!

But of course, when one kid decides to give you a rest, the other decides to talk all. day. long. from when she woke up to when she went to bed. I seriously didn’t have more than 30 seconds of quiet before she started chittering in my ear again.

One way I keep my family organized — I am a schedule person. And a list person. And pretty anal. I admit. ;)

And that brings us to today…this is my happy face because Elijah is being a schedule baby again today. :) Yay.

life rearranged


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    i love the first photo. so convicting.

    yay for mommy time. i’m not even sure what that would be like ;)