Its a constant struggle. I’m tired in the mornings. Busy all day. And once again tired in the evenings. Unfortunately God gets the short end of the stick most days. I long for His presence. I really want to spend time with Him. But I often lack the motivation and commitment to stick with reading my Bible.

When we lived in Texas, I had nothing to do…ever! So I spent a lot of time in the Word. Now that we have moved back, are around family and friends again, and added a fourth person to our family, its not a stretch to say that I am spread pretty thin. Unfortunately, Bible reading isn’t on the top of my list when my two year old is screaming at me and my newborn is crying.

But when I saw a tweet by a friend on Twitter [hi, Maggie!] about doing a Soul Detox devo, it perked my interest. And when I saw it was on You Vision, a Bible app I have on my iPhone, I knew I just had to check it out. Turns out it is an easy little devo, but packs some powerful stuff. And the thing I love most about it is the community that had built around reading this devotional together. They even came up with a hashtag for it:


I love that. So now, not only do I read the blogs of all these amazing women, but I get to spend time in the Word with the Lord with them! A sisterhood. And I have found such encouragement in their words, Instagram pics, and tweets throughout the day.

I think in this big mess of a blog world where competition and comparison rears its ugly horned head daily, its extremely refreshing to find a group of blog women who love the Lord and are in this to encourage and lift up, not belittle and tear down.

These are women who I want to be friends with face-to-face. Women who I wish I had the guts to ask for their cell phone number so I could text them, make deeper bonds, and even share life with. Some women whom I have come to love as my own sisters.

I am so very grateful for all that has been happening the past week and look forward to diving in the Word and friendship more with them. :)