{{From the Archives}} HAIR!

Since I am taking a break due to our little nugget arriving, I thought I’d dig into my archives and pull out some of my favorite posts and re-share them. This one was a fun hair post ;)


After my recent Boho hairstyle post, I thought I would share with you some more tutorials on cute hairstyles! My hair is getting significantly longer, so I have been having fun doing so much more with it — things I have never been able to do! :)
And as I mentioned before, I am SUPER excited about a video I found that taught me how to spiral my hair in a way that makes it stay all. day. long. Yippee!!
I’ve done my hair like this several times since I learned….and the even better part is that it lasts more than one day. So, I can pull it back the next day into a fun curly ponytail or something else. :) Anyway, since I have found a couple of new ways to do the hairs, I was more motivated to find more and more! And share them with you! {claps hands} ;)

This first video is a super cute tutorial from cutie pie Abby of My Yellow Sandbox.
Its super easy and can be done on any length of hair really! :)

The next video is from the wonderful Whippy Cake. :) Becki shows us how to do a rope braid. What I love about this video is that if you didn’t want to do the “special surprise” at the end, you could leave it be and have another cute boho style. :) {can you tell I love Boho lately??}

I actually think I might try this one tomorrow, I’ll post pics if it turns out okay ;) And this last one is by Abby again — and its one that I’ve tried, but on the front of my head {where my bangs are} and it didn’t work. But, I really like the way that she does it around the back of her head. Its called the waterfall braid. Super cute!

If the rope braid ends up looking silly on me, I might go for the waterfall braid. FUN STUFF! I so love hair and if I could start all over, I might have gone to school to do it. {Along with my “should-have” degree in web design and cosmo liscence in nails, all while being a dancer. See? I missed many callings in life ;) haha j/k}

Hope these tutorials {or “tutes” as I hear in my head} helped you to get more ideas on how to do up your hair! Any “go-to” hair style you love? Do you have thin, trouble hair like I do that makes it hard to find “dos” that work?

xoxo – erin