{{guest post}} Ashley from The Vanilla Tulip

For the next three weeks, I am taking a BABY BREAK! Our son, Elijah Joseph was born April 11th and we are in LOVE! But that means more baby kissing and less blogging for a little while. I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming May 4 ;)


Hey y’all! I’m so honored to be guest posting on Erin’s blog today.  This girl is as sweet and genuine as it gets.  So proud of her for taking a few weeks off to soak in her sweet babe and to adjust to being a mom of two. And maybe a tad bit jealous too ;) I can’t get enough of that fresh newborn baby smell!

Today I’m sharing my recipe for Fresh Grilled Burritos. I’ve already posted this recipe on my blog. But just in case you missed it or are new to my blog this is a MUST HAVE recipe!  I love these Burritos because they’re easily customizable to fit your families tastes.  Plus they are super filling and inexpensive! 

To start you’ll mix:
1 Can of Northern Beans (Bush’s brand is the best!)
Chopped Cilantro (you decide amount)
Chopped Onion (you decide amount)
Chopped Tomato (you decide amount)
A couple dashes of Cumin
Salt and Pepper to taste
Lime Juice (as much or little as you like)
Give it all a good stir.

                                                      Cook up a chicken breast or two.
I prefer to bake my chicken in the oven.
Before baking I make sure to generously sprinkle it with cumin, pepper and salt.
Shred your chicken up and add it to your bowl.

Fill a flour tortilla with a couple scoops of the mixture and a handful of shredded mexican cheese.
Fold the ends of the tortilla in.
Then wrap it up so it looks like this.

I then coated my griddle with a light coat of olive oil.
Place your burrito on the heated griddle.
While the burrito was browning I made sure to smash it down with a spatula.
Flip and brown the other side.
And that’s it!
I served our burritos with fresh guacamole.
Next time I think I will make some Cilantro Lime Ranch to dip them in!
And here’s another idea that I think I will do next time.
You could easily double the Northern Bean and Rice Salad.
Eat half of it for dinner one night.
Then the next night add your chicken and make your burritos.
SO incredibly cheap, tasty and filling!