{{guest post}} Gina from Oaxacaborn

For the next three weeks, I am taking a BABY BREAK! Our son, Elijah Joseph was born April 11th and we are in LOVE! But that means more baby kissing and less blogging for a little while. I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming May 4 ;)


I don’t remember how I first stumbled upon Gina’s blog, or met her on Twitter, or how I came to meet this beautiful and so very sweet gal, but I am sure glad I did ;) She is such a wonderful person, an encouraging mama, and I am so excited to be able to share her with you today!! {Ever find a blog you love and want to shout it from the rooftops? Yeah. That.}} So without further adieu…


Aveline wakes up earlier than usual, and the sudden sound jerks me awake. I open my eyes only to look at the clock, then shut them tightly again. It’s light. Josiah’s already up, working on his iPhone app. Holding my breath, I listen. Maybe she was only crying out in her sleep, and in a moment, I can drift back off again. I exhale.

Not today. She’s up for good.

I swing my legs over the side of the bed and walk into the bathroom. An impressive bedhead stares back at me; overnight, my bangs somehow achieved height that would make the eighties jealous. I can hear Josiah’s muffled voice, and the crying stops.

I walk toward the kitchen, and give an involuntary shiver. California and Florida have spoiled me. I look over at the thermostat, and when I see the temperature, I laugh. “It’s freezing in here. 74!” He laughs, too, while he rinses out the French Press with one hand. Aveline’s nestled in his opposite arm. She yawns, dazed and wide-eyed.

“The kid downstairs woke her up again.”


I stare.

It’s one of my favorite scenes. She watches as he heats, measures, pours.

“You want an extra scoop today, don’t you?” he laughs again, and I jump. I hadn’t realized I was still staring. The sunlight makes an irregular diamond shape on the wall behind me. For a moment, I wish it were moonlight, and I wish I were still asleep.

I reach for Aveline, and she lunges toward me, filled with all the energy and excitement a toddler can muster.

I can’t help but laugh. The coffee has begun to mix with the air.

I pull the pajamas off her, and the static electricity lifts her hair up. She turns to run away, and the sun falls through the smudged windowpane and dances across the back of her head.

The beauty of the moment catches me off guard.

Rich Mullins was right when he sang, “There’s so much beauty around us for just two eyes to see.”

I wrestle clothes onto her. While she giggles and twists and turns, I breathe a prayer to my Heavenly Father. I thank him for putting beauty in these early mornings, in these early years, in everyday tasks. I thank him for two eyes to see it.

She darts through the swath of light again, and the fiery notes in her hair ignite and shine.

This early light is perfect.

Oh, it is perfect!

Gina Munsey is a Jesus-lover, a sojourner, a gypsy soul, a wife and a mama. A Californian in Florida, she blogs at Oaxacaborn, runs a whimsical children’s shop on Etsy, and write for Babiekins Magazine. You can also connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.