{{From The Archives}} Recovering Comparison-Addict

Since I am taking a break due to our little nugget arriving, I thought I’d dig into my archives and pull out some of my favorite posts and re-share them. Here is one I wrote about comparing…enjoy ;)


I’ve written a few posts on comparing oneselfblog & biz plans…and even whined a little ;) Recently, I had a chat with a friend via text and even though we didn’t have solutions for one another’s struggles, we both walked away encouraged and uplifted. Since then, I have had some really awful days. My daughter is teething, my allergies turned into a mean sinus infection…it just seems that I keep getting hit back and forth. And then this past Monday {a week ago}, I pretty much had the hardest day in a long time. No matter what I tried, it just seemed to get worse and worse. I was being attacked by a little red dwarf on a power trip. lol — but seriously, I thought, “WHAT?? Why me? Why can’t I just have a little let up in the seemingly never-ending struggle??” I was angry. I was hurt. I just wanted to throw myself on the ground and have a tantrum.

That evening, I was planning on attending my weekly women’s bible study. I almost just gave up and stayed home. I was fixing dinner, making sure everything was cleaned up after the horrendous day, but the other part of me just wanted to get out of the house. So I went. And the Lord used that time to lift my heart, address my struggles, and just really give me a big hug. It was the best thing I could have done.

Since that day, I have had more hard days, but it seems like the lull that I was in, the funk, has sort of lifted. Sure, I have had a few moments that I’ve felt tempted to just whine and complain and go back to being Pity Pamela. But I won’t!! In prayer, brainstorming, and a lot of thinking…I came to a place…its interesting that the Lord used this hard week for me to be a little introspective.

Yes — toddler tantrums and kid poop on my comfy pants {funny but gross story} caused me to think a lot about who I am and what the Lord thinks of me.

I rediscovered what I am doing. One thing I thought a lot about is – its funny when you write about not comparing yourself to other blogs and yet I do it all the time. She has more followers, her blog is cuter, I wish my blog was that, or this, bla bla bla. So, I’m being honest here, for a few months now, I have been feeling the pressure to be someone else on my blog in order to maybe gain a follower or two. Maybe if I am more like her, I’ll have as many followers as she does. Doesn’t work. The times that I’ve been the most honest, myself, and not really tried to do anything but pour out my heart, I’ve gotten the most response. And to be honest, I’ve come to a place where I feel like, yes, I want to build my blog, I would LOVE to have an amazing community here like some of the bloggie gals I admire {Gussy, Lisa, and Casey to name a few}…but not at the expense of who I am. And I will never apologize for who I am.

I am a Christian. A follower of the Lord.
I am a wife. Forever. To the first and one man I married.
I am a mommy.
I am a sister. To two sisters. Who are my best friends.
I am a daughter. To a mom and dad. That I love.
I am a shop owner. To a slow shop, but its something I love doing. I plan on opening something else soon, but you’ll see…
I am a friend. To many people. Some that may think I’ve forgotten them since I have moved. But life is hard and sometimes even texting isn’t an option because I am so busy {or prego sick}.
I am a blogger.
I am a Coke-a-Cola lover {recovering Pepsi addict ;)}
I love Twizzlers pull-n-peel and can no longer have them, because…
I am gluten-free. Its made my life better and worse all in one.
I am a worrier.
I’m a goof ball.
I do voices.
I quote Friends.
I quote everything.
Sometimes I don’t have money.
Sometimes I wonder how we’ll pull together financially until the next pay day.
Sometimes I marvel at God’s provision in providing.
I have dreams.
I have hopes.
I hope to be able to someday contribute to my family through my shop and this blog.
I hope to take some of the burden off my hubby who works so very hard to provide for us.
I hope to make friends here {like I already have!! ;)}.
I hope to support other blog friends here.
I hope to be encouraging and real.

That’s me. And that’s what I will be blogging about. I’m not going to try to be anything else but me, because lets be honest…this is so true: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. ;)