Lately, I have been so inspired by the provision of God. When we lived in Texas and were dreaming of coming home, we didn’t know how it would happen. We knew the desire was there, we knew that the job would be there, we knew the family would help us (physically speaking) to get there….but financially? Oi. That was a hurdle. A hurdle for my heart.

You see, I can 100% say that my biggest struggle is the desire/need for financial security. I am so deathly afraid of not having enough to pay bills and expenses that I worry and have anxiety… even when it isn’t even needed. So when we looked at how much a moving truck would cost to rent, how much gas would cost, how much a deposit on a rental home, utilities, car registrations….the bank roll started filling up. And we had nothing saved. Not because of lack of planning, but because in order for me to stay home with our daughter, most of the time we lived paycheck to paycheck in Texas.

So when it came time to really think about how we were going to pay for the move, I had a heart attack! That was money we didn’t have and had no idea where it would come from. But God was gearing up to blow my socks off. God provided for our move home. And then some.

We did not use any credit cards to get back. We paid cash.

We were blessed to stay with a family member for a month to save up for a deposit on a rental home.

We found (or really…God provided) a rental home in our price range that has literally every single thing we prayed would be in our home.

We are able to afford car registrations, utility deposits, little needs for the house when we moved in…and more.

We found a discrepancy on my husband’s paycheck withholding which — after corrected — will provide more income for us to cover increases in expenses. Literally almost to the dollar.

And lastly, but still amazing, we have been blessed to be able to set enough money aside to pay for the delivery of our son.

Friends, if there were in existence a megaphone that was loud enough to shout something to the WORLD, I would be screaming the goodness of God. How He provides. How if we trust Him with the events of our lives and bathe those things in prayer, He will provide. How, even in moments when I wasn’t trusting that He would provide, He provided.

How He provides even for the littlest of things…

…a couple days ago provided money so that we could upgrade to iPhones.
…I saw a toy at the store that I wanted to get Jael but didn’t want to spend the money on something I wasn’t sure she’d have interest in after a couple days, and then found out from a friend that she was getting rid of said toy and wanted to know if I wanted it.
…people gifting us clothes and other little gifts for our coming little boy.
…not knowing where we would get the money to buy a crib for the baby and then getting a text message from a friend giving me a crib (a beautiful one at that!) for him.
…searching and searching the free section on Craigslist for a comfy chair to fill a void space in the living room and then my husband coming home from work with two faux leather club chairs that he got for free from a closing coffee shop by his work.

I mean…He has just been providing left and right. Its been really amazing and such a fun story to tell people. And I give HIM all the glory!! He is so good to us and knows our wants and desires. Are there times when we don’t get what we want? Oh yes. Will those times return for us? Probably. Does that change the fact that right now God is hammering into my skull that He is in control, knows me, and will provide for each and every one of my needs? Absolutely NOT.

God is good. God provides. And I am soooo very thankful.