..little issues..

Just wanted to give a little update…

Issue #1:
Since moving into our house, I have been searching and researching internet companies for a good deal. I finally just signed up for one a couple days ago, with the thought that internet would be established soon after. I also selected “self install” of our modem (because I wanted to save a little money and am somewhat tech savvy). I also picked this option because I would be buying my own cable modem because buying theirs was expensive.

Well, the guy came and turned on our internet on Tuesday, but when I went to turn on our internet (after hooking the modem up and stuff), the screen showed that I needed to call customer service for help with my “Self Install Kit.” I didn’t receive one from the guy who hooked up our connection, so I assume that this was mailed to us.

Issue #2:
When signing the lease and receiving our keys, we also received a set of mailbox keys for our neighborhood. We have those giant metal mailbox station for sections of the neighborhood. So we try and go over to the mailbox one morning, only to find that our key doesn’t work. So I check my key in every single mailbox on all four of the metal stations in that spot (like 30 or so mailboxes) and it doesn’t work in any of them. The next day, I go to a different nearby mailbox station with two metal stations that I try my key on and it doesn’t work in any mailbox there either.

I call the property manager and she tells me to call the post office to make sure where my mailbox is. So I do and its in the first mailbox station I tried in a box that I know the key doesn’t work in. So I call her again and she says that we will probably need to re-key the mailbox to get into it. She says she will contact the maintenance director and gave me his phone number for future issues. I don’t hear back from either of them for a day or two. I call the maintenance director and leave a message (he was “on the other line”). No call back. It has been 1.5 weeks since moving in and not getting any of our mail. These phone calls have happened within the past couple days.

And I am frustrated.

Frustrated that I can’t get my mail (which could contain bills and my Self Install Kit!!), frustrated that I STILL don’t have internet (which consequently has caused me to not be as available via email, blog, social media, etc. AND has put a delay on a couple design projects that I cannot install because I don’t have a steady internet connection), frustrated that I am using another person’s internet connection (i.e. STEALING), frustrated that each day is a day of internet I am paying for but not getting to use, and frustrated that I feel like I am missing out on online things that are happening, articles that people have posted on Twitter, giveaways on Facebook, etc.

Can I scream now?

Oh and add in the imminent and unpredictable timing of the birth of our son (I will be 38 weeks tomorrow) and you’ve got one stressed mama. And the funny thing is, these things aren’t very stressful, its simply the fact that my water could break at any moment or I could start contracting that makes taking care of these things feel more urgent.

And I don’t feel good. My body aches; I made the mistake of weeding the backyard with my hubby on Tuesday…and even though I only sat cross-legged on the grass pulling little pieces of crab grass up from the lawn, my body feels like I just did the first day of P90X after never working out one day in my life. And the little dude has no space left and is beating up my uterus every moment…(insert annoying whine here)

I need a magic wand to fix all this TODAY so that I can relax!!! I want to enjoy the idea of my coming son and not worry about anything…

Okay, deep breaths everyone….(breathe in….breathe out….) I’m going to go have a cup of coffee… ;)