{{home tour}}

Happy Wednesday, friends!! I am sitting happily in my new room, catching up on the blogging world FINALLY relaxing, with only my sweet daughter’s room to unpack. The rest of the house is DONE! Feels good to be in my home and have everything in it’s place. Art work on the walls. MY smells in the house — instead of fresh paint and cleaners, its my Scentsy providing my favorite smells. It feels so good :) So I decided to grab my camera and give you a little home tour!! Fun, right?!?! I love seeing other people’s homes, so I hope you enjoy seeing mine! :)

The Front

Our living room — I am standing where the front door is
 Another angle
 The kitchen — still white :/
 Another angle — the stove and fridge are to the right in this picture
 My gel clings in the window over the sink ;)
 Guest bath
Little dude’s room — not done, lol
 Jael’s room (she just woke from her nap) — thinking of redoing her room to ladybugs to match the red
 She kept saying, “Mama, come take a picture of ME!”
How could I resist?
 My bedroom — pic was taken at night, so there isn’t a lot of pretty light (and that box is winter clothes to go into the garage)
 Another angle — room isn’t done, still have to pick up the headboard I’m getting and take that winter clothes box into the garage, that trash bag of clothes to Goodwill, and that box of maternity clothes in the corner will also go in the garage VERY soon hopefully!!

So there you go! I will be sure to post pictures of the bedrooms when they are all done. A boy nursery post, Jael’s finished room post, and my finished room post. I also have a great backyard and will be starting up gardening, so that will be upcoming!! Hope you liked my little home tour!! :)