home sweet rental

In just two short weeks, my husband and I will make one final move into our new home. We will be renting an ahhhh-DOR-able house that I can’t believe we have! It was truly a divine thing because the moment we saw it, my husband and I both felt just something about the house. We felt in our hearts that the Lord had brought the opportunity to us. He truly blessed us, and we are so thankful ;)

When we started the process of moving home from Texas, I never thought we’d be able to afford a house. Apartments can be much cheaper, and I thought we’d end up in one — but I didn’t want to! I loved our little apartment, but when it comes to noise, dogs, and convenience, it was awful. It was always loud (landscaping, other apartment tenants, dogs, etc.). I mean, I didn’t realize how much I’d feel a slammed door by another unit! We lived in a building that neighbored another apartment complex, so we got the inconvenient noise of the landscaping crew twice as much. And don’t get me STARTED on dogs. We also lived on the third floor, so being pregnant and carrying a toddler who had not quite mastered the stairs…I hardly left to go anywhere!

When we got closer to moving to Arizona, we had a relative generously offer the two extra bedrooms in her house so that we could stay there, save some mula, actually be physically present when looking at homes, and have a little bit of time before choosing one. This has been a MAJOR blessing. While living in this type of situation can be hard (I’m basically living out of a few dresser drawers and a laundry basket — hubby took all the hangers ;) lol) and interrupting someone’s routine can be weird, its benefits for us have far outweighed the costs. We are truly blessed by our family.

This new rental house has been a HUGE blessing to us though!!! We found it right down the street from where we are staying now (like literally five houses down), its only $40 more a month than we paid for our apartment, we’re getting to sign a two-year lease, it has a security system included in the rent, stainless steel appliances, fridge washer dryer included, the house interior is painted SO cute (and even has a blue bedroom — BOY nursery!!!), has a grass backyard with a fenced area for gardening, a shed….I mean, I could just go on and on! I am still in awe that we are able to rent it!!

God provided far beyond our expectations. We cannot believe that He would do something so wonderful for us ON TOP of moving us back to Arizona!! Praise Jesus!! It continues to show us that whatever need we have, He will fill it. We have some financial needs – He will provide. Sure, it can be scary waiting for it…wondering how it will ever work out. But my job is to trust NOT control the situation. Because when I try and control it…well, that’s when the problems start! We will continue to move forward with what we feel He is directing us to do, and if a door closes, well then at least we know He has a plan ;)

I just know that I want to give Him all the GLORY for providing us a wonderful home. :)

I’m so excited!