{Mommy Diary} I know better…

The one place in my life that I know better, but haven’t been able to do better is…
(inspired by Oprah)

 …my parenting. Why is it that my child gets the snappy remark, impatient reply, or mama full of attitude when I am feeling particularly jerky one day? She gets the brunt of my emotions most of the time because she is with me all the time. Anyone relate??
I can’t say that I haven’t been able to do better. I feel like I know better and just haven’t done better for her. But where is she going to learn how to cope with stress, unfortunate situations, not getting what she wants, etc.? ME. Do I make a good model? Most of the time, no. And this BUGS me!!
I want to live more intentionally with my parenting and my words. I want my daughter to know peace in our home, that relying on the Lord isn’t just what mommy says, its what she does.
I want to have more park dates and more fun with my little girl. I want her to know that television is not the only form of entertainment. I want to seize the moment instead of letting it pass because I am tired, emotional, busy, etc.
I want to remember to not care if she gets food everywhere when she eats because she is a kid.
I don’t want to worry when she plays outside that her cute clothes are going to get dirty, because they will get dirty and that’s okay!
I want to make cookies with her, not just for her because I don’t want a mess.
I want to love fiercely, parent passionately, and let the crazy playground kid in me come out and have fun with my little girl!
I don’t want to sweat the small stuff. I don’t want to worry about things that don’t need to be worried about. I don’t want her to see an anxious, frustrated, irritable, or mad mama but a joyful, carefree, fun one that will get on the floor (as much as I can with this big baby belly ;) and act like a lion or run around the yard chasing the two year old full of giggles.
So today, I am taking a deep breath. I am remembering that unfinished breakfast, sticky hands, or laundry undone is not the end of the world. That my little one is not going to be so little anymore. She’s not going to want to play with me like she does for very much longer.
I want to take each moment and cherish it and store it in my heart. :)
Happy Monday, friends.