{Tutorial Tuesday} Adding Items to a Storenvy Shop

Hello! I’m back with another great tutorial today…if you own a shop (like Etsy or some other one like that), you know how important it is to be knowledgeable about adding products. Storenvy is a new marketplace online where you can have a free shop with no listing or selling fees. Its a great option if you’re looking to open up an online store. (I did not receive compensation to write this, I just found that entering items could get confusing, so I wanted to help!)

So, if you plan on opening a shop or already have Storenvy, this is a great resource to know how to list items. I would seriously consider using Storenvy for your online marketplace, its really cool :) I recently worked with another blogger on opening her shop, so this is why you see The Shine Project as the admin. :)

When you log into your Storenvy admin page, it will look like this:

Click on the Products tab at the top, and you will see this:

Click on the blue “Add Product” button on the right and a small description box will open.

Add your item name and price and click “Submit.” It will then bring you to a new screen where you can add your item details.

Tags are just small keywords for your item so that people can find it while searching. Try and be creative with this! The more descriptive you are, the easier it will be for people to find your item and shop! You can also upload images of the product.

After you have done this, click on “Save Changes.”
You then need to scroll to the bottom again and you will see this box at the bottom of your screen:

This box displays your in stock number and your stock bar shows the percentage of what it left of the item. You have to update this in order for the item to show in your shop. So click “Edit” right next to the trash can. The box will then look like this (below).

Don’t change the name, it doesn’t do anything. The SKU is if you have a specific item number for the product. Then you will enter how many you have in stock and what your full stock looks like. So for example, if you have 50 Purple Rock Shirts in stock but want to always have 100 shirts in stock, your In Stock number would be 50 and your Full Stock number would be 100. When you sell out of the item, you have to come back in to this Stock Level box and update the In Stock number to get the item to show as available in your shop. If you don’t update the In Stock number once you sell out, the item will appear as “SOLD OUT” and no one will be able to purchase it. Once you update the In Stock and Full Stock numbers, click Save Changes again. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, the box will now look like this:

See how the Stock Bar says 100%? That is how you know how much of your item you have left while selling. If you sold 25 shirts and your stock level is normally 50, the stock bar would say 50%.

Once you’ve done all this and are ready for the item to show up in your shop, scroll back to the top of the screen and click on “Active” to activate the listing.

It seems kind of complicated, but once you get the hang of entering items, it actually is pretty easy! I hope this helped those of you who already have a Storenvy shop. And if you haven’t decided who to use, I hope this showed you how detailed and wonderful using Storenvy can be! Have fun and good luck selling! :)