Mommy Diary

This weekend, we spent some time doting on our little girl. Last week was her birthday, she turned the BIG TWO! Since my husband had to work that day, we decided that we would take her out this weekend and just spend some time with her. We had planned to get her a backpack, since that is what she had been asking for….and some books to put inside. She LOVES Dr. Seuss, so the Dr. Seuss rack at Barnes and Noble was where she bee-lined when we got into the kid section ;)

Our little diva — on our way to get a backpack

 So we got her an adorable roller backpack in toddler size at Target (anyone know who Kai-Lan is from Nick Jr.? ;) Yeah, we got her a backpack with that!) and three Dr. Seuss books. Then we went to Old Navy and got her some spring clothes and she is just a happy girl! Loves looking pretty and having something to play with and read. Its such a joy as a parent to do things for your children. And while we can’t always buy her what she wants (and often, don’t want to since stuff isn’t the point), we love the smile on her face when she is so excited. :)

The “because mommy said smile” smile ;) — wearing her new backpack

Then on Sunday, for the Super Bowl, we were invited by some friends to go watch the game at one of their friends’ houses. It was fun! The couple that owned the home have a three-year-old and she and Jael played all night. It was so fun seeing Jael interact with someone older. Often, Jael is around kids her age or younger and tends to just play by herself, but with this little girl, she was fascinated!! ;) She was like, “Woah, a big girl…” haha ;) The wife of that couple also gave me a book that helps to introduce little kids to the idea of having a little sibling and being a big sister. Jael loves the book and I am so excited for her to learn more about the baby ;)

So that is what our weekend looked like! It was so fun and we just can’t believe that we are moving home next week! Only 12 more days from today! Yikes! I gotta run, got tons of packing to do! :)

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