Today is a New Day

Didn’t have a post written for today until this morning. Honestly? I don’t really have much to say! lol All that is on my mind right now is packing, finishing up some blog design projects, and thinking about how my “baby” is going to be two years old tomorrow.
Crazy how time flies! It feels like just yesterday that I was bringing her home and wondering how in the world I was going to understand and take care of this little person. Today…I’m still wondering the same thing, lol!! I am just amazed daily at how BIG she’s gotten, how smart she is, and fall more in love every moment with her heart, kindness, and love for others. She truly has a genuine love for people and is one of the kindest little gals I know ;) (Unless she wants something!)

So we’re taking our little/big girl out this weekend to pick out a backpack. She watches Go, Diego! Go! and loves his “rescue pack” and wants a backpack. How adorable is THAT?! Every day its, “Mama? Canna go and getta backpack fo bir-day?” :) What a sweetie. And she over pronounces backpack like baCKpaCK. haha – So we’ll be picking out a baCKpaCK and then going to good ol’ Barnes and Noble to pick out some new Dr. Seuss books. :)
I am going to try and read and journal this morning — needing me some Jesus today ;) Going to be praying for our move, for my daughter (turning into a little defiance-machine), finishing blog designs, maybe some packing, and attempting to just relax today….and then reeeeally trying to get the munchkin in bed on TIME tonight!! For some reason, dinner has thrown us off the past 3-4 days and Jael hasn’t gone to bed until 30 mins to an hour past bedtime. This has thrown off her wake up time (WAY too early lately) and nap time. Which has thrown me off. And we’re both cranky and impatient. Wah.
But today is not yesterday, today is a new day full of opportunities to actually be patient ;)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!