The Year of the BIZ – Small Biz Resources

Last week on Twitter, I shared a TON of blog posts from women that I admire and who had a lot of helpful, motivating, and encouraging things to say. I was super excited to share them, but I also felt that they needed to be collected into one post so that you (and I) could have it as a resource to go back to when we need a pep-talk! So here are the 11 posts that I shared. Hope they are as motivating and encouraging to you as they are to me!!

Designing an MBA is a great website for those of us wanting more from our business. Its not enough to just have something you’re good at and slap a few pictures of it on Etsy. Its taking yourself seriously as a small business owner and understanding what it takes to be a business. Here are several posts I shared from DMBA:

Red Velvet is both a shop and a site that offers e-courses! From ones that help you with your business to fun and creative ones, there is sure to be something to motivate you. Here are the two e-courses I highlighted:
Centsational Girl participated in a Growing Your Blog series featuring several other talented bloggers who spoke on topics that were very helpful. Here are a couple of posts I found very helpful:
This post by the wonderful Maggie of Gussy Sews is super helpful as well:
And lastly, I shared an ebook by MomComm that would be super helpful in critiquing your blog. We all have areas that we can improve in, and sometimes we don’t know that something in our blog layout or design itself can deter readers! Who knew?! ;)
So there you have it! There are some wonderful words of wisdom in these articles. I guarantee you’ll learn something and maybe even have something you can implement today! This year is a year of taking my business seriously and being proud of what I do. Are you ready? Want to join me?
Do you have any blog/business tips you want to share? A post that you love? Share in the comments below!