Inspired & Moved ~ The Nakate Project

Where do I begin?
Where does one begin when their heart has been stirred to the core?
Last week, I saw a Tweet from a sweet gal that I follow and her business. It was to inform followers of a 50% off sale in her shop. Just like most stores at the end of the year, they were offering a New Years discount. But this wasn’t just any shop. Its a shop that helps. Its an organization that empowers and saves. And when I excitedly bought three necklaces that day, I didn’t know that I would soon be drawn in to the misson, story, and organization that is
The Nakate Project
Shanley Knox, founder and owner of The Nakate Project, started the company in December of 2010 after returning from Uganda. There in Uganda, she met a young girl named Cossy Nakate. This girl grabbed onto the hearts of the visitors and hence, the company was born. {Read more on their story here.}
The company works with women in the Ugandan village of Kakooge, where the women make jewelry that The Nakate Project sells in their shop. They are also currently working to expand their shop to also sell shoes and handbags. This provides the opportunity for these women, who otherwise would not have any other means of substantial income, to earn a paycheck. One woman, at the age of 50, received the first paycheck she had ever received in her life.
This information, I already knew. I understood that Nakate worked to help African women to better their lives and make a living. I knew that I loved the jewelry. But it wasn’t until I read this blog post about the impact Nakate has had on the small village of Kakooge that I was drawn in,
heart and soul.
You see, this company not only provides the opportunity for women to make enough money to buy food to eat or keep their children from dying of starvation or sickness…no, it does more. It provides women with the opportunity to leave prostitution, send their children to school {here is the local private school that many of the Nakate women have sent their littles to}, buy property, make their homes safe and sanitary, take care of sick family members, pay for their own health bills…the list could go on.
Cossy Nakate ;)
You see, its not about this being the “better” African help organization, the best jewelry making company, or the saddest sob story to get you to drain your wallet in sympathy. Its simply about the fact that you and I have the opportunity to help. That is all. Its about us being passionate about our businesses and wanting to help and share the passion of someone else’s business, thousands of miles away.

Sure, it helps that they are living in situations we may never see in our lifetime. Yes, it would be appropriate for me to mention that Christmas just passed and we received more blessings and material gifts than they will ever see in their lifetime. But what good would that do?
“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” – 2 Corinthians 9:7
What the Lord has laid on my heart may be completely different to what he has laid on yours. I just wanted to share this because it moved me so very deeply that I felt that I just had to share in case you had never heard of it!
Here is what I feel the Lord is laying on my heart even further. When thinking about my 2012 goals and inspirations, I wanted to do something that helps others. Sure, having my own business would help those that purchase my services, but I wanted something that would provide for someone in some way. We have had a Compassion child before and there were several other organizations that I had been considering. What I wanted to do was donate a portion of my business profits to an organization. Make my small business count for someone other than me.
So here is my plan…when my new revamped, redesigned, and relaunched business is open, I would like to make the commitment that a portion of my profits go to The Nakate Project. Sure, maybe it won’t be much. But I felt a tug to do something more after reading about Nakate.

I want my business to have intention.

But it also goes way beyond this. It is way bigger than Nakate. Its about living our lives intentionally. You may never buy a Nakate necklace. And thats okay. But the challenge here is where you’re choosing to make a difference. Are you choosing to live intentionally with your spouse and kids, providing them with a peaceful and loving you? Spending intentional time with your children? Not just going through the motions where you work, play, spend your time?

It may not be Nakate, it may not be even by donating to a cause…but are you living any cause? I want to encourage you, friend, to be intentional. Don’t let the things in your life just be because they are. The Lord wants us to live in FULLNESS of JOY. Its when we pull ourselves {with His help} from the mundane or day-to-day and choose to live joyfully, live in gladness and thankfulness, that He can freely move through us.
Visit The Nakate Project here:
and learn how you can help and earn a little cash here.
{I did not receive payment or benefits for this post…it was just on my heart.}