The Mommy Diary – Pregnancy Edition

Oh my goodness gracious.
I am sitting here with a splitting headache – literally, my eyes hurt, my head is pounding…I feel sick to my stomach. I want to go back to bed. I’ve never had a hangover before, but I am seriously wondering if this is similar…
Then my little sweet pea calls out from her room, “Mama? Mama?”
My day has just begun. I pray that God gives me the strength today to take care of my little girl while I feel like I am going to yack all over the place. Yesterday, I attempted to spend the day on the couch since moving around felt horrible. But, mommies know…toddlers won’t let you do that :)
So today, I am summoning my mommy powers {which means calling on the Lord and begging him to help me!!! ;)} and pray today is a better day. I am sipping on some tea, reading a couple blogs to just kind of veg while the tea cools down, and delaying waiting to get my munchkin out of bed.
Sorry for the short post…I don’t really know how to spell out a big loud whine and groan. ;)
Tomorrow will be a new day…again.
I can’t wait for Thursday though! “Why?” you ask?? Because Gussy’s Inspiration Workshop prompt is FAVORITE COLOR this week…and I have a super big surprise for y’all! Of course, it involves my favorite color…and this blog!! :) Can you guess what Thursday will *reveal*? hee hee {drums fingers together and says, muaaaa-haaa-haaa ;)}
Take a guess below!
Happy Tuesday!
xoxo – erin