The Journey: Pt 4

Friday, we talked about the idea of relocating, what God was doing, and how we weren’t responsible for any of it!

Well, as you probably guessed, we accepted. We found a great, well-priced apartment in a nice area of town, our expenses to move were covered (mostly ;), our families were sad but supportive, and we were ready for a new season of life. My husband was excited about the opportunity for his career, and I was excited to be able to stay home with my munchkin!! It would be a stretch, but we were determined to have me stay home with our daughter.
The move was daunting. We couldn’t afford to fly my daughter and myself out there to avoid the 18 hour trip, so I made the reluctant decision to drive. Yes, drive. I know you mommas out there are chuckling to yourself with the experience that driving with a 7 month old for 18 hours is a commitment to a psych-ward. But, because we had very little wiggle room financially, the decision was made.
We started the trek on a Monday morning bright and early (7am) and didn’t arrive to our destination 650 miles away until about 9:00 PM that night. Let’s just say that mommy wanted to cry right alongside baby. Our daughter didn’t travel well. She normally can do a 5-6 hour drive like a champ, but this was longer. She cried to get out of her seat and when she had exhausted herself from her fits, she would sleep. The trip was long. The trip was boring. But the thing that held us on was the sheer excitement of the opportunity the Lord had laid before us.
When we arrived, I quickly made our white-walled apartment into a home. I hung ALL of our wall art, hung curtains, and we were blessed to have the apartment complex paint an accent wall for us. :)
But decorating didn’t hide the fact that I was about to enter into one of the hardest seasons of my entire life…
Come back Wednesday to hear about what the Lord is teaching me in all this and how I am coping with the very real struggles of loneliness. You can read that post here.

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