The Journey: Pt 3

Wednesday, I told you about what my dream meant and how I prayed that God would show His skills off without my help. This was hard, since I am a planner, organizer, and idea-maker! Its hard for me to relinquish control, so this was a big step for me. If you missed the beginnings of the story, here is Part 1 and Part 2.

The Lord sure answered me!! Joseph told me that his district manager was being promoted and wanted to bring him along. The relocation would require us to move 1,100 miles away from home to a place we never thought we’d live. Not that this place was a bad place, but the hearts of my husband and I were born on the beach. ;) We longed to live on the sunny, coastal shores of California. Let’s just say, this was nowhere near California!!
The financial cost of the move would be BIG. The emotional cost of the move would be BIG.
But we trusted. We trusted that if this was of God, He would provide the way.

He first provided us with the most precious: peace. That was the thing we needed the most, since we were leaving a lot behind. Both of our families lived in our home city, our daughter was the first grandchild of both sides, and my sister is marrying my husband’s brother early next year with us both in the wedding. The insane controlling side of me wanted to bust through the peace and scream! But I wouldn’t let it. I held firm to the fact that our God was a provider of all things: peace, finances, everything. So I did. I held on for dear life!
Many things that my husband and I prayed for came to pass. We prayed that financially this would be a worthy move. They gave my husband a raise and the state we would move to had a lower cost of living and provided more income for us through other means of saving. Things began to fall into place. The company listed on their relocation package that the employee was the only one who was “allowed” to take a house hunting trip. My husband’s boss (district manager turned corporate manager) worked it out that I could go with my costs covered as well. My husband’s boss worked things out for us left and right, often times without us even asking! The Lord was pushing ahead for us, and we were following behind, jaws to the floor in awe.
Come back Monday to hear about the trip and our new place. :)

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