The Journey: Pt 2

Yesterday, I told you about the beginnings of our journey with my husband’s promotion, and I left you wondering what the Lord told me in my dream. :) If you’re just now reading, check out the first post of the “My Journey” series.

So, I had a dream that we had moved our family into an apartment, which was actually an apartment we liked (in real life!), and that as soon as we moved in, we were packing up to move somewhere else.
When I woke, I instantly knew that the Lord was telling me that Joseph’s promotion to his management job was extremely temporary. I didn’t know whether to believe my “instinct” on what the Lord was telling me, but I told my husband. I told him that I felt that this job for him was temporary and that the Lord had different plans for his career. My husband said he’d pray about it, but felt the same way! I shared my dream with another close person to me, and she said that she felt that dreams were usually about you, not someone else. But I held firm to what I felt the Lord was telling me; I felt it strong, and I prayed that He would show me what He meant.
A few days later, my husband came home to tell me that his boss, the district manager, had come to him and explained that he had received a promotion to work in the corporate offices and that he wanted to take my husband with him! What a compliment!! He explained that there was not one other person in his whole district (which included 4 states!) that he felt would do the job as well as my husband. My husband was excited, to say the least, but he was unsure about where it would relocate us to.
During this time, I was praying that whatever God had for us would be accomplished without our help. I didn’t want us to be able to boast about anything that happened. I was praying, praying, praying! I am the personality type that runs ahead of God. I try to make things happen because I usually think I am God’s little helper who gets things done when God is “busy.” Well, boy is that wrong! So, that is the reason why I prayed that the Lord would accomplish His will without us doing a single thing. God sure held up my request.
Come back Friday to find out how God answered my prayer and then some!!

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