The Journey

Hello, friends.

My hubby and I recently stepped into a new and exciting season of life. One that challenges us, pushes us, grows us, and calls us deeper into our faith. :) I want to share with you this story so that you know a little more about me and also to encourage you. God is with you, even in your roughest moments. :)
Lets take a step back and start with the beginning…
My husband works for a successful retail company that he was working as an assistant manager for. His desire was to move up in the company, but knew, like any job, he had to work his way up. He worked as an assistant manager for a year and finally received a promotion to manager!! He was thrilled! Excited that he was moving up with opportunity, he accepted. Meanwhile, I prayed that this new position would bring more opportunity for us as a family, possibly eventually to allow me to stay home with our, at the time, 6 month old.
The week that my husband made “the move” to his new position, I had a dream. Now I don’t know what you feel about dreams, but I firmly believe that the Lord speaks to me through my dreams sometimes. In my dream, we had excitedly moved our family into a new apartment. Just as soon as I unpacked, we were packing our belongings again because, in the dream, we were moving on to something else. When I woke, I knew the Lord was trying to tell me something.
What was he trying to tell me?? Come back tomorrow to find out!

*The Rest of the Story*
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