#simplify // where have I been?


You may have wondered why I post in fits and starts. I get inspired. I write. I get busy. I don’t write.

Its the natural ebb and flow of life, really. We have busy times and slow times. And right now for me, its a busy one. As you know, I am in seminary and this term has been a doosy. It has been the heaviest load of schoolwork thus far: 15 papers in 12 weeks, hundreds of pages of reading, a presentation, and more intense subjects. I have two weeks left of this term.

But to #simplify sometimes means giving yourself breathing room. So I am still here. Promise. Hope to create more of an editorial calendar soon so that I don’t have to come up with interesting topics to write about on the fly. I really want to share more of life with you!

Here is a little list of things that have happened recently or is happening soon:

  • Jael turned FOUR in early February. Gosh, time sure flies!
  • Speaking of which, Elijah turns TWO in about 6 weeks. Pinch me.
  • Like I said before, I am two weeks away from finishing my second term of grad school. Thuper ek-thited.
  • The Lord has surely blessed me this term with endurance. I have managed to stay up-to-date with all my assignments and reading. Which is nothing short of a miracle with the amount we’re working with.
  • We’re moving in a little less than four weeks. Still searching for that perfect-for-us house that will further allow us to #simplify our lives by: starting a raised-bed vegetable garden and bringing community into our home.
  • We also hope to adopt a dog. Maybe that isn’t simplifying…I’m not sure yet. ;)

Here is to a happy and healthy and LOVELY March! xo


  1. Emily Delster says

    Haha I lol’d at “thuper ek-thited” :) What area are you looking at to rent? I know a sweet house available in Litchfield Park ;) ;)