#simplify // food

One of the ways I am excited to #simplify my life [and the lives of my people :) ] is to put healthier and good for you foods on the table. I’m not simply talking clean gluten free eating, but I am also talking about whats in those foods and how they are grown. For example, the other night, I surfed the web for two hours researching locally pastured beef. Its important to me to start eating free-range and grass-fed meat because they are SO much better for you than the packaged stuff at the grocer.


In researching, I began a fall down the rabbit hole, so to speak, because I got pumped about building a raised vegetable garden, maybe having a couple dairy goats, raising chickens for their eggs and maybe someday their meat [although, I don’t know if I could kill a chicken] and more “urban homesteading” things.

I realize this doesn’t embrace simplify if I am adding livestock to my yard, heehee, but it does simplify my diet. It brings our family back to eating real food with good fats and vitamins and minerals. I want that for my family. So I want to know, do you do any sort of homesteading, wherever you are? DO you garden? Raise chickens or goats? Purchase locally pastured meat every year?

I want to chat about this, so please comment below. What do you do and how do you do it? :)



  1. leah martinez says

    this year i’m determined to do a vegetable garden. i’ve been wanting to do so for so long, but was scared to how to go about it!
    i have yet to do more research on the purchasing of free range meat, but if i could and knew how, i would totally move and have my own cow, chickens, garden, the works!

  2. says

    I would say adding livestock to your yard *does* simplify things! It makes you more reliant in your own efforts, elbow grease, and animals instead of relying on the complex industrial farming and food production/distribution system!