Thoughts on Finding My Path


As you may have noticed, I haven’t written in a while. I think it is good to stop and evaluate your blogging, goals, and such. I guess I just realize I probably should’ve said something to y’all before I went MIA for a couple weeks. lol…it really wasn’t planned, but now that I am writing this post, I am glad for the little break over the holiday.

One thing I have been working on is a redesign. I’ve switched the layout around a couple of times with this same blog look – the pretty watercolor, peonies, and handlettering – but as I evolve and discover more of who I am [grad school is rocking my world, y’all] and the things I enjoy doing and don’t enjoy doing, I find more of my voice. Its like unwrapping a box and as I pull away pieces, I unveil more of me.

The Lord is pruning my heart of the walls and masks I put up that make me appear together and passionate about things I am not really passionate about. Y’all know I love design and writing, but did you know that:

  • I love bike riding pulling my babies in a bike trailer behind me.
  • I love the outdoors, and while I used to hate getting dirty, I am getting more used to the idea.
  • I am such an introvert its scary. I could spend the whole weekend without seeing a single person and be fine!
  • I am discovering a love for cooking and baking that I never had before. I love making meals for my family, but I have recently discovered a joy for creating/cooking recipes that are delicious and also gluten free. Cooking recipes just for fun, not because people are crying and its dinner time. ;)
  • I love DIY and making my home beautiful.

And so as I evolve, this blog will too. And with that is coming a new redesign that is bright and fresh and a little bit geometric/aztec with some aqua and coral colors thrown in. I have the test site almost finished and can’t wait to get it all up and running [oooh, which reminds me of another “did you know about me,” I reallllllly want to be a runner and cannot figure out how to do it with kids and my husband’s unpredictable work schedule].

I want to feature more bloggers, recipes, DIY projects, stories, videos, faith, and all the things that I LOVE! I think as bloggers, we can get into the rut of what do people want to hear? and I start writing in the same style as a blog I love, or feel pressured to come up with an amazing Christmas kid craft [and you guys, I am not crafty…DIY yes, making my own wreath, no], or want to write about the things other popular blogs write about. And while, for blog growth reasons, we need to pay attention to what brings people to our blogs, we also need to stay true to who we are. What makes blogging so fun? Writing about things you LOVE, of course!!

So keep your eyeballs peeled [seriously, what does that even mean? gross.] for the new design and I hope to be starting the new year off with some fun and fresh content I hope you’ll love! You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter because even if I miss posting a blog post, I am always chatting it up over there. :) Love you all, and I am so blessed by the community of bloggers that we have! xo


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    Sometimes it is necessary to take a break from blogging, just like writing. So glad you are back. You have a very beautiful blog. Did you design it yourself? :-)