#31Days – Laid Off

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So up until now, I have written about the scary thing the Lord asked Joseph to do, how God provided in that situation, how we were almost homeless, and how God provided yet again. We had been on a roller coaster of emotion and provision for the first six months of our lives as a family unit…and we hadn’t even gotten married yet!

Erin Lauray Wedding

Our wedding was amazing and didn’t go smoothly, but it was yet another lesson in God’s control. I’ll write someday about that [maybe I’ll do a Joseph and Erin road to wedding bells series or something :) ]. I had worked at Starbucks all through college and another coffee shop the last few months before our wedding, but I had always wanted an office job. An opportunity came around and I found myself working part-time in an office about a month after Joseph and I married. It was what I wanted…I was tired of food service. And like I mentioned before, Joseph worked an hourly wage in retail, so it was important that I also work. Our blessing of a place to live gave us some relief in the financial department, but for the time being, we needed to be a two income family. Which was fine. I loved working and earning and being productive.

We married in May and by the end of August, I was laid off. It was scary. I was okay with it because I knew God had a plan, but I was definitely worried. We were just starting out our lives…why did these bumps keep coming along? I prayed. I told Joseph my struggles. Little did I know that I would go a whole month being unemployed…

More tomorrow…