#31Days – A Secret Envelope

#31Days of ProvisionYesterday, I shared about how Joseph had been led by the Lord to give all his engagement ring money to a family who had just lost a husband and father. He had no money to pay the final payment to the jeweler designing my ring and was too close to the planned proposal day to save more up.

So what did he do?? Well, he prayed. :) He asked the Lord to step in. Because he knew that he had acted out of obedience, the Lord somehow had a plan for us. For the situation. Because where He stretches, He also provides.

The proposal day was a week away and Joseph was at work. He had gone on his lunch break and was just pleading with the Lord and asking Him what to do. It was a tough situation to be in, for sure, but Joseph knew that there was a plan. What exactly…he wasn’t sure!

After returning from his lunch break, he went into the manager’s office to clock back in. An envelope on the desk caught his eye. It was a plain white envelope but had Joseph’s name written on the front.

His manager had gone to lunch, so Joseph wasn’t able to ask who left this for him. So he took the envelope and opened it. Inside was a note that said, “Joseph, The Lord wants you to have this.” And in cash was the exact amount of money Joseph needed to purchase my ring. There was no signature, no name, just those precious words, “The Lord wanted you to have this.”

When he retold this story to me after our engagement, I cried. I was blown away at the sheer care of the Lord. In my mind, I would have just thought, “Well, maybe the Lord just doesn’t want me to have an extravagant ring. Maybe He wants me to live with a simple ring at the expense of providing for a family.” But that isn’t how God’s provision works. He provides in crazy ways that are beyond our comprehension. And our marriage was starting out with the message, “I will provide for you.”

Since that engagement day almost 8 years ago [together for ten years this year!!], we’ve experienced countless moments like this. Some of those crazy stories I will be sharing this month. And every time I look at my wedding and engagement ring, I am reminded that the Lord cares about the little things. The things we may think He doesn’t care about. But He loves us with an everlasting love and wants good for us. He promises to provide and that is something I cling to daily. xo


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    This is such a beautiful story, Erin. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing. It’s always good to be reminded of miracles and God’s provision.