#31Days of Provision

I am very late to the game, but I wanted to participate anyway! I know that the things I want to share about provision can encourage and possibly bless someone in their faith, so I am on the train!

#31Days of Provision

So why 31 days of Provision?

Since becoming engaged to my husband, we have experienced one provisional miracle after another. Whether it was a season of need or a time of abundance, the Lord has shown us what it looks like to trust Him in seasons of much and of lack. Let me just say, I have not arrived. I am not claiming to be there when it comes to trusting the Lord in all areas of life. But He has been gently showing me that He is there. And not just in the financial sense, although that is usually where we pray for provision, but in all areas of life. Answers to prayers, small things that would seem like “selfish” desires, and more. But I am going to tell you all about it over the month of October.

I didn’t follow through last year with 31 days of joy, and this year, I want to make sure to write. Because I feel like this could be encouraging to one of you who may be in a season where you feel like the Lord doesn’t hear you. He does. :) He has you tethered to him and won’t let you drift away where you cannot sail on your own.

Come back tomorrow for the story of my engagement to my handsome hubby, Joseph, and how the Lord used that milestone in our lives to not only bless us, but bless another family as well. xo