That Time I Was in People Magazine

I have a confession. I guess it could be somewhat embarrassing, but I think you might want to do it too.

I talk to myself.

Yep, its true. Mostly only when I am the only adult around. Don’t want people thinking I’m crazy… [even if I am…]  So why do I say that you might want to do it too? Because it could benefit your business. Have I gotten you confused yet??

Imagine yourself in the place that you dream of when your mind wanders about your business. What are your big audacious dreams for your business or blog? To be on Oprah talking about how you made your blog a six figure business? To have your products in World Market? To have a celebrity want to be an ambassador for your brand?

When you think about all those big “they’ll-probably-never-happen” [in your mind] goals, what are they? Don’t think about how they couldn’t or likely wouldn’t happen. Think about all the wonderful things that you’d love to see for your business. The crazy exciting goals you want to accomplish. Wanna know mine? Don’t laugh.

  • To have a business that allows my husband to not work [if he wanted to] so he could pursue seminary and all his “God-sized” dreams
  • To have a full-time income working part-time hours within a year
  • To have Happy Paper Co. products in Target stores
  • To be able to travel all over the world
  • To have Happy Paper Co. products in Apple stores
  • To be on Live! With Kelly and Micheal talking about the whirlwind success of Happy Paper Co.
  • To live generously and support organizations I love
  • To have a studio and staff who loves and is excited for the brand and one another
  • To have a job, life, and business I LOVE doing every day
  • To be a successful watercolor painter

So now that you know mine and hopefully have some of your own in mind, lets talk about the talking to oneself thing…

That Time I Was in People Magazine //

So when I am in my car [that’s where it happens the most], I pretend like I am being interviewed by People Magazine. [blushes] I act as if all those above mentioned crazy goals are true to my life and pretend that someone is asking me interview questions like, “So Happy Paper Company is wildly successful but is only a year old. What is your story?” or “You just were on Live! With Kelly and Micheal, I bet that was fun! What does it feel like to be a successful entrepreneur?” or “You’re a stay at home mom. How did you do that and get to where you are now? What were your major milestones?” And I answer them out loud.

I know it sounds silly. But sometimes you have to dream big and talk big to convince your heart that your dreams are worth pursuing. I mean, lets be real, sometimes those big dreams just sit on the shelf and we occasionally look at them and smile, but they never get brought down. They are just something to admire on the shelf but not to pursue. Sometimes we lack confidence. Sometimes we lack resources. Sometimes we just feel depressed and stuck and don’t want to give up or try and are just hedged into this stagnant place of what ifs and could have beens.

When I sit and pretend that all my business dreams have come true and speak them aloud, it empowers and excites my heart. There is something powerful about spoken word. It may feel silly, but I have been doing it for years now […again, sounding crazy…] and it almost feels second nature. When it comes to my business goals and dreams, I almost crave those talk it out times. When I am unsure about an idea or a dream, I interview myself. And the true feelings eventually come tumbling out, and I am able to see the true motivations and feelings behind those big ideas.

It also acts as a self pep-talk. Hearing my dreams as if they are a reality really pumps me up to pursue them! If I am feeling discouraged, well, its time for People Magazine to tell me how awesome I am. And it reminds me of what my goals are, why I am doing what I am doing, and how I want to move forward.

So, friends, its time to go talk to yourself.