Mail Day [#1]

Mail Day

So this past week, I decided that I wanted to start writing spontaneous encouraging notes to people. I wrote one to my sister and to two bloggers, one a small business owner that I admire and another a recently new blog friend that I also admire! The fun thing about it is that I love getting snail mail, and I also really like surprising people [especially with encouragement]. I read a super encouraging blog post last week that inspired me to be a voice to women [and men, if you are one!] to encourage, uplift, and be one to tell you that I believe in you. We need cheerleaders in our lives, and if you don’t have one, I’d love to lift you up ;)

I put on Instagram that I would love to write some encouraging notes to you, my sweet readers and friends…so I leave that open today. PLEASE let me know if you need encouragement or some snail mail love. Just fill out the Mail Day form and tell me whats goin on. Having a rough week? Excited about something cool that happened? Just need a listening ear? I would love to send some love your way ;) Fill out the form here.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!