DIY Love

I am SO excited to share with you what I snagged this weekend.

When I woke up Saturday and went into the kitchen with my kids for breakfast, I noticed a neighbor across the street was having a yard sale. In creepy neighbor style, I peered through the blinds at their display. I saw a desk, dresser, and other odds and ends. I knew I wanted to get another dresser for the kids, so I walked over.

I was SO excited to find this dresser in great condition!

DIY Dresser

DIY Dresser

The outside needs love, of course. But the inside is in wonderful condition. :) I already have an idea of what I am going to do with this! I plan to take the smaller dresser we have out of Jael’s room and put it in Elijah’s room. This dresser will then go in Jael’s room. And guess what? I snagged it for $10!!

I also noticed a couple of side tables but there was a sign that said $40 EACH and I quickly walked away ;)

I couldn’t get the tables out of my mind, though, so I decided to walk over again and let them know that if they didn’t sell the tables by the end of their sale, I would consider taking them. When I got over there, my bargaining side came out [didn’t know I even had one!] and I was able to get BOTH for $40.

DIY Side Tables

DIY Side Tables

I was pretty proud since I got three pieces of sturdy good furniture for $50! I have plans for those tables too. Nothing I got is going to stay the same! :) Can’t wait to update you on each project! I hope to tackle one of the pieces next weekend, so hopefully I can share soon! :)

Tell me, what is your favorite DIY? Something you did? Or a friend?

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