Business Around Here

The Biz

Business around here has been good. I have been designing sites and graphics that I truly love and believe in! And I have a few little things up my sleeve where it pertains to my own personal websites and business site, but I have a couple other things to say first, ‘mkay? ;) Let’s just say that there is a discount involved ;)

As most of you probably know, I am a blog and web designer. Didn’t know that?? Well, then…I have been designing blogs and websites using the Blogger and WordPress platforms since January of 2012. My “official” web design business will be open for a year this June :) I have loved the journey and have learned SO much! Much of what I love is learning not only how to build beautiful websites, but I also have loved learning about small business, how to make a good income doing what you love, and growing your online presence. It has been fun discovering women [and men] that are passionate about the same things I am passionate about! It has also been so fun helping other passionate creatives to develop and launch websites and blogs that will help them to realize their own dreams.

I have been praying long and hard about what direction the Lord wants me to take in this little online space of mine. But I have also been praying about what He wants me to stop doing or take a break from doing. For a long time, I thought that was design. Like most people, jobs, and situations, I have gone through exciting seasons and lulls. I was just saying last night to my husband that I have gone from, “I LOVE designing sites!” to “I don’t think I can do this anymore!” and back again. But I found comfort in the fact that anyone who works in a job that they like [or love], there is always potential to feel that way. Its not just me. Or creatives.

It is okay to go through seasons where something you love just isn’t fun. I love discovering new ways to combat and push through that. Its good to grow and learn and force yourself to push through those mucky seasons. It is my prayer that the length of the “not fun” seasons shrink shorter and shorter because really, who likes to sit in cloudy seasons? :)

The Lord has been so good to my little business. I have had some great projects in the past couple months and my calendar has been scheduled back to back for the most part. I love that. I am now working with a fellow blog & website designer in developing and designing boutique sites, so that is another way I am networking and bringing in income. I also will be [Lord-willing] working with an online boutique accessory shop as their ad and marketing manager. That is still in the works and hasn’t come to fruition yet, but as you can see, things are happening around here.


I am excited to tell you that Erin Lauray Studio will be changing to Erin Lauray Creative. I feel this new name encompasses my vision for my business – that it will open more doors and opportunities for many different areas. This change will be happening when I have designed the site, so please stay tuned!! [Maybe this weekend??] I also want to announce that my prices will be going up on June 1st. Currently, my prices range for blog design, depending on what platform you’ll be using. I will be writing a post with more details on the pricing changes, so keep an eye out! The reason for this is simply that I have had the same prices since I began and my expertise and design eye is better and more learned now. I know FAR more than when I began and my time is more valuable now.

As a creative business owner, its really easy to undersell yourself. I mean, think about it…it wouldn’t take you more than half a second to think of someone with a prettier blog, better writing, or more loyal following that you right now, would it? Its SO easy to compare ourselves to others in this online world. And when we do that, we often sell ourselves short because we think, “Well, I can’t charge THAT much because so-and-so charges $X and I can’t do all she does.” But you know what?

No one is going to take you seriously until you take yourself seriously.

When people asked what I do, I used to answer, “I stay home with my kids and do some online stuff to make extra cash.” Doesn’t that sound sad?? Now, when someone asks, I say, “I work from home as a web and blog designer.” I am still working on saying this with more confidence but at least now I am putting myself out there. Taking it seriously.

Special Pricing

Because prices aren’t going up until June 1st, we still have a couple more weeks where you can take advantage of the now lower pricing. And as a last special before the changes happen, I am offering 15% off all Blogger and WordPress designs when you make your deposit by May 15. [p.s. right now, I have one spot open for May and one for June, if you want to get in quickly!] So please fill out a Design Project Request form now, so that you can get on my calendar. Projects don’t need to begin or be completed by May 15 or the price changes either, but the deposit needs to be made by May 15.

So there you go. Lots of news. Lots of special stuff going on! I am SO excited to share this with you! :)