Revolt Now Fitness – My Fit Journey Begins

Okay, so I gotta tell you the legal stuff…I am receiving 6 weeks free of the Revolt fitness and diet plan in exchange for blogging about my journey. However, they want us to blog about our experience, so trust that all opinions and thoughts are my own. I will definitely be open and honest about this and hope it motivates you to get fit as well!

I am so excited to share this with you today…thanks for pushing through the legal mumbo jumbo…I hate that I have to start off with that, but its not my choice. Tell the FTC… ;)

Fitness has always been a mixture of easy and challenging for me. Please don’t shoot me, but I have always been the type of person who could work out and see results in a matter of days. Change my eating habits = lose weight quickly. I hope this doesn’t ever change, but that itself brings challenges! The thought process for me is that because I assume that my choices can be reversed easily, I make bad choices more often.

I will admit that I don’t eat well. I’m not talking pizza every night or frappucinos every morning. I’m talking snack all day and then eat dinner. I hardly ever eat a meal until dinner time. If done correctly, eating small amounts all day can actually be a good thing. But I don’t eat good things. I eat chips, popcorn, kids snacks with my daughter, and occasionally the slice of lunch meat or cheese. Its unhealthy. And I don’t like it!I’ve wanted to have a gym membership. I actually had one before I had kiddos but now, most gyms that have decent childcare actually charge for that childcare, and I just don’t have an extra $100 a month to go towards a membership for my whole family. So when I was told that I could try this program for free, that I would receive weekly workout videos and meal plans, I was excited!! And, each workout is only 20-45 minutes, and I can do it in my living room! Gotta be honest, who doesn’t want to look good and fit in as little time as possible? ;)

Revolt Now Fitness

The program is called Revolt Now Fitness. It was started by a mom, Nicole, who gained and lost 60 pounds each time she was pregnant (she has four kids). Her weight fluctuation and struggle with the after-baby body was what led her to get fit and help others do it too. The program is 6 weeks, includes a meal plan based on your body and needs, and workout videos. They’ve also got a Facebook page for members to post pictures, get encouragement, and just simply do this together. Its easier to do something when you have someone along side you, right? Like I said, the meal plan is based on your body, so I can actually do it for my husband and I and really adapt it for our whole family. There aren’t any adaptations for food allergies, so I will have to do that on my own. [Only complaint so far.]

Now, I am not gonna lie…I am pretty nervous. I don’t like feeling uncomfortable when working out [like the muscle fatigue, noodle arms and legs feeling]. I like feeling good after a workout, but I am pretty nervous about all this. I am nervous about the cost of the food I am going to need to start purchasing. I am nervous about working out. I am nervous about finding time. And I am nervous about failing. BUT, the only way I am going to get healthy and in shape is by working hard. And sometimes when you try something, you fail. So I am just going to take it one day at a time, keep realistic about my goals, and see where this goes.

I will be posting every Friday in an ongoing series called Fitness Friday. I hope that you will be encouraged by my journey and possibly start your own and join me. It may even evolve into a linkup! Do you currently work out? What do you do? If you have kids, how do you do it?