Sunglasses and a Hipster

So over the weekend, I found this website that I fell in LOVE with! Think I am a nerd, but I was Google searching for non-prescription glasses… [heehee] and came upon this site. I was very excited and my husband just laughed at me and called me a hipster. Apparently getting a tattoo, a new hair style, and fake glasses all within a week of one another makes me a hipster ;) Did I mention I have chambray tennis shoes and like to wear scarves regardless of the weather?

I digress…


They have TONS of sunglasses, non-prescription fashion glasses, clothing, accessories…its just a great shop!! And their prices…holy woah… $9.80 for a pair of sunglasses?? LOVE.

And you know what is even BETTER? They give you your first pair FREE! Just use code SHADESONUS and it takes $9.80 off your cart total (you have to have at least $10 of additional product after the code).

Anyway, they ship same day if you order before 3pm EST and next day if after. And their shipping is only $2.95 and free after $25. :) I ordered a fun pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses too. I also got a little neon sunglasses case for like $1. You guys, I am not getting paid to tell you this, I just thought I’d share because it is pretty awesome :)

Go check it out!