the #business of awesome

business of awesomeI’m sitting here right now, browsing blog and business articles that have been pinned to Pinterest, and the business section of my heart is all a-flutter. :) I absolutely LOVE finding websites, writers, INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN that are passionate about blogging and small business. It’s what gets me pumped! And while I know that I have other missions and pursuits in life (don’t you think for one minute that I’ll ever stop blogging!), empowering and inspiring women in their businesses is something that I am super passionate about!!

And the thing I love the MOST??? The fact that many bloggers can write about the same topic (i.e. Blogging 101) and still, everyone has some bent, a different perspective that makes us all unique, one that allows a thousand bloggers to write about the same topic and yet offer different insights and information.

That I can stumble on one business blog that makes me giddy and then read a different blog about business that also pumps me up and makes me excited!

It got me thinking about how we so often compare ourselves to others that we feel are “competition” and that seem to do what we do – but better, prettier, and funnier. But you know what, beautiful friend? Don’t be in the business of comparison. Don’t let the devil bite you and poison your call. Be in the business of being awesome. Be who God made you to be. THRIVE in the things that give you joy. Be passionate about the things that make your heart cry. Be uniquely you and don’t be brought down by feeling inferior.

You know that fabulous girl with the amazing blog that you compare yourself to? Follow her blog. Tweet her. Send her an email and get to know her. Be in the business of networking and supporting one another! Make a business friend! Believe me, it’s so much more fun to talk giddy business talk with someone who gets it than trying to talk blog talk with your husband or friend who are just looking at you wondering when you turned into a blog geek ;) (blog geeks unite!! yes?? lol)

So lets start this week off in love. Go make a new blog friend; I promise, it’ll be worth it. :)


  1. says

    love this! community thrives and we as individuals thrive best when we’re putting our heads together, collaborating, sharing ideas, encouraging one another. i love seeing you pour into the community with all your heart, Erin!

    • Erin Lauray says

      Thank you Annie! I just LOVE being a part of a supportive blog community. Its so fun and so uplifting. I’m so glad you stopped by, and thank you for the encouragement!! :)

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    Great Post Erin…I find it so easy to compare and it always seems to lead to insecurities flaring up.
    Thanks for the reminder to stop comparing and embrace the person God created me to be.

    • Erin Lauray says

      You’re welcome, Liz. I find it so easy to do in the design realm. People are just SO talented that I get discouraged. But I try to look at it as inspiration, even though its hard. :)