Happy Birthday, Sweet Jael


Today we celebrate my sweet, rambunctious, crazy, intelligent little girl. She has stolen our hearts, and I can’t imagine life without her :)

Here is my birth story written what feels like SO long ago…not edited, so this is like a few days after she was born:

On Jael’s due date (Jan. 27), I had no progression past 0cm and 70% effaced. I was scheduled for an induction Monday, Feb 1st in the evening. I was very nervous, even thinking about it makes me nervous again! We went in at 6pm, were monitored for one hour, and found out I had dilated to 1cm and was having contractions 3-7 minutes apart without me even knowing! They decided at about 8pm to start a round of medication called Cervadil that they put directly on your cervix to ripen and dilate it. There are 3 doses, but for some reason, the nurse thought I would only need one. They put the gel in then was instructed to lay flat for an hour. After this, I was to walk for an hour and they would start the whole process again if there was no progression. I ended up having to have all 3 rounds which brought on really strong contractions.

By early the next morning, I had only dilated to 1.5cm and the contractions were super intense. I felt discouraged because I thought, in order to have an epidural, I wanted to be further along because I felt like a wimp getting an epidural after only dilating to 1.5cm. At that point, I got an IV pain med called Stadol that made me feel a little drunk and dizzy. I had to keep my eyes closed most of the time because it felt like the room was spinning, but it took the edge off the pain and wasn’t so bad. About an hour or so later, it started to wear off, and I was miserable, as my contractions were SUPER intense. My mom encouraged me a lot saying that the contractions were really strong because I was being induced and that getting the epidural might help me relax and let my body do its thing. So, at about 5am, I had the epidural. I was so scared of it hurting, but I didn’t even feel it! Seriously!

After that, I felt great. I tried to sleep, but my adrenaline was on high, and I couldn’t. At 9am the nurse came in to check me, and I was still not dilating. I felt really discouraged, but we prayed that things would get going. Around this time, they also had me lying on my left side and breathing through an oxygen mask because the baby’s heart rate was being erratic. The nurse came in again at 9:30 to check the baby, and I asked if she would check me, as I was feeling different “down there.” As she started to roll me over to check me, my water broke! YAY! She checked me and I had dilated to 3cm because of my water breaking. BUT, then the nurse, while she was checking me, had a shocked look on her face. She explained that I had dilated from 3 to 4 to 5 while she was checking me. So in a matter of 30 seconds, I dilated from 1.5cm to 5cm. Things began to pick up after that.

At noon (2.5 hours later), I was dilated to 10cm. They decided to try and let my body “labor down” on its own. Basically all this means is that they wanted to give my body the opportunity to get the baby to crown to save my energy in pushing. By 3pm, the baby hadn’t done anything, and I was feeling INTENSE amounts of pressure. So the nurse decided that I needed to start pushing to get that baby down. This was when we found out that she was directly posterior (meaning her face was facing my pubic bone rather than down at my booty which is the ideal birthing position). This was going to make for an extremely difficult delivery. I don’t know how long I pushed with the nurse, but we had gotten her down as far as we could before calling the doctor. Apparently, posterior babies usually end in cesareans so I was kind of scared.

Doctor came in and I started pushing. After a few pushes, the baby became distressed pretty severely, so the doctor used the vacuum to help her out. Let me tell you, when I had dilated to 10cm at noon, I started noticing my epidural wearing off…no matter how many times I clicked that dang clicker, I still felt a lot of pain. But by the time I pushed, I was in the most pain I could ever have endured. I didn’t scream, but I had to keep the oxygen mask on because I was almost hyperventilating and the baby needed the oxygen. I pushed for a total of 2 hours and then at 5:06 pm on February 2nd, Jael Renee Sanchez entered this world. Joseph cut the cord and then suddenly, before I could even look at her, she was rushed off. She hadn’t taken her first breath yet and her APGAR was only a 2. They ran out to get another nurse but Jael finally took her first breath, peed, and pooped all at once. Her APGAR jumped to a 7, and then was a 9 at the second check.

Let me tell you, this little girl has lived up to that first day…taking her time and then coming into the world when she wanted ;) Just thought it would be fun to relive that day (even though looking back, I would have changed so many things)…and we are OVERJOYED to celebrate THREE years with our precious girl!

We LOVE you, Jael!!!