I know this guy who is the younger brother of a friend from college…he just moved at the beginning of this month to Chiang Mai, Thailand with his wife for a two year commitment to a ministry over there. (You can read his blog here.) Its a scary and wonderful thing to think about. One thing that he said in a post that really stuck with me was that just because they were going overseas to serve God, it didn’t mean that their “call” or mission was greater than anyone else’s. Each of our calls requires different levels of sacrifice and yet, as Mike said, “God calls us all to make a difference. One calling is not greater than another. We all have the same calling: making His name known and building His kingdom.

You guys, this wonderful couple announced their plans and burden to move to Thailand last July. They are now in Thailand, which means they raised support for the initial move ($24,000!) and are fully funded to live in Thailand for two years in just under six months. That is amazing! And as I read, I prayed and talked to the Lord: Would you have me do this with my family? I feel your call to make a difference too. And I just pondered the idea of moving to another country with my family to reach those who need the good news of Jesus. That an overseas mission isn’t a paid position. I thought about the idea of meeting hundreds of people to speak about your mission and try and raise support/funding for it. I thought about another friend of mine who moved with her husband and three young kids to South Africa to work with a mission over there. Is this what you require of me, Lord? And then I was reminded of what Mike said and how our calls and missions are all different. No, I don’t feel a tug to move my family to another country. But God calls other families to do that.

So I started thinking about what I feel God is calling me to do. I began to think about all the things that move my heart and make me cry. Things like sex trafficking and prostitution and abortion and families and marriages and women…these are the things that I feel a burden for. These are the things that God has uniquely placed on my heart along with a call to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. And as I remembered my pastor’s words to me a few weeks ago when he challenged me to pray for God’s full provision so I could go to seminary this fall to get my master’s degree and pursue this call, the Lord spoke to my heart: Why don’t you pray for me to fund your mission? I’ve given you a specific call just as I have given Mike and Amber specific calls for their families. Their mission is overseas with different cultures…your mission is to marriages and families. Why is it any different for you to pray for me to fund the mission I’ve called you to?

And I smiled at this gentle reminder from God for me. So here I am, praying for God’ provision for a call that I almost sometimes believe I am making up in my own head. But I will continue to pray for God to provide for my mission. If you happen to think of me during your prayer time, would you ask the Lord to provide for this and to give me peace in it as well? :)

What is your mission?


  1. Mike Zins says

    Thanks for sharing Erin! Sounds like your heart is exactly where it should be – seeking God and open to what He wants. Your degree is very needed – especially in the areas you mentioned. I definitely wish I had a little more expertise in that right now! Keep us posted on how it goes :)