My week in pictures…

My week in Instagrammies…it has been a hard but good week :)


My kiddos have been sick but we were also able to go out and spend some time as a family.




I mentioned the other day that I felt like God was doing something…and I really feel it even stronger now. Its through daily time spent with him that I pray about and seek what his desire is for me. :) The She Reads Truth community and other studies have really drawn me close to him right now.



I am also in a 9 month intensive bible study class called Surge. We meet weekly but have “intensives” four times over the nine months where we go and listen to a lecture from someone brilliant ;) They are always so enlightening and inspiring. God really used one of these speakers to confirm my “call” to me this week. It has really been neat. :)


And after this confirmation, I had a settling in my heart (but also an excited anxiety) about God moving in that area…providing for the call.


And its quite amazing to have in my heart a feeling of knowing God’s call for my life. Kind of like I am in on a secret ;)

This quote really spoke to my heart and was part of God’s leading towards my “revelation.”


And I even had the chance to talk to one of the speakers and he really blessed me in our conversation and the things he had to say. So I was texting my husband about it, and my hubby went on to really bless me as well…


It feels really amazing when you know someone supports and believes in you. Words of affirmation (especially from my hubbs) will always be a way to my heart :)

So there you go! My week! Did you have a good week?


  1. says


    First off…I LOVE that your refrigerator is chalkboard paint! What a genius idea!

    I am so happy that you are so strongly seeing and feeling the Lord speaking to you! She REads Truth “fresh start” has been such an amazing community where God is moving and speaking so clearly! I will definitely be praying for you to continue seeking God’s love and His plan for you! :-)

    • Erin Lauray says

      Thank you, Sarah! Its amazing what happens when we just stop and listen. And its also even more amazing when we are not stopping and listening and the Lord still chooses to push through and speak to us :) And thanks on the fridge! We love it too! :)