1. Listening

I am not much for listening to new music. Not that I don’t like it, but I hardly have time to listen to the radio. When in the car, my kids are usually with me, so I have to censor what I listen to. ;) BUT, I love Audrey Assad and her album The House You’re Building. Its amazing. And a little melancholy, which I like right now ;)

2. Eating

I traveled back east to Massachusetts at the end of November for a funeral and to visit family. While on that trip, gluten free options were not made available to me. And they were hard to find. Since that trip up to about two weeks ago, I was on a gluten downfall. It was hard, I got horribly sick, and now I am on the mend. Two weeks back into my gluten-free lifestyle, and I feel so much better. So right now, I am eating healthy, gluten-free, and have already lost most of any weight I gained in the past month. Woo.

3. Drinking

COFFEE. And I am pretty obsessed with making mango iced tea lemonades. Bomb. Dot. Com.

4. Wearing

LOTS of fun new clothes from Christmas! My sisters got me some awesome pieces that are comfy and super cute. I am loving the shawl-type sweaters and scarves and accessories. My son is taking good naps during the day, so I actually get a shower daily and can get dressed! Amazing! Maybe I’ll start doing What I Wore Wednesday again. ;)

5. Feeling

Thoughtful. Contemplative. My husband and I are currently praying for the Lord to give us some sense of direction in our lives right now. We aren’t struggling by any means, but we feel a little like we are floating in a canoe in the middle of the ocean with no paddles. Surviving but not going anywhere.

6. Weather

COLD! For a change here in dusty and hot Arizona, we are having cold weather. I love it so much. I actually miss the icy roads and snow we had occasionally in Dallas. So its a wonderful change to wake up to mornings in the thirties and days in the fifties.

7. Wanting

Direction and purpose. I know moms have purpose in raising littles. Their lives are so precious and in need of their own direction, but I am feeling a bit lost. Pressing into the Lord and really processing what I am feeling and thinking has been helping me to not keep it all bottled in. I feel sometimes like a bottle of soda that has been shaken to the point that the cap will blow off any second. Emotions pent up are just grounds for an overload with lots of tears and hopelessness.

8. Needing

A babysitter. I know it sounds silly, but I have been praying for a person to come over once or twice a week for four to six hours to hang out with my kids while I design and blog. I can only grow my blog and business if I have the time to do it. Currently, I don’t really have much of that. I also don’t have much in the funds area yet, so I’ve just been praying for the Lord to provide the right opportunity to help me.

9. Thinking

About my purpose and direction. About my marriage. About my kids and their little purposes. About my friends who I hardly speak to because I let myself get overwhelmed. About this blog. About my business. About my ideas. goals. dreams. Its a big mess up there, folks…

10. Enjoying

The idea of a new year. A fresh start. Excitement for what is to come. Answered prayers hopefully.

What are you currently??


  1. says

    Oh my gosh, I need to grab a pair of Toms! These are too cute! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    xo, Jenna

  2. says

    I know that myself & my mom friends have benefitted a TON from Mother’s DayOut programs, which are super cost effective and have really helped my kids become acclimated to other kids & a group environment. Our church doesn’t have one so we all use the programs at surrounding churches. Some teach the kids about Jesus and some don’t. Highly recommend!

  3. Linda Clark says

    Loved your blog. I would sure watch your little ones if I didn’t work.