12 Prayers

I was sitting thinking yesterday, after the tree had been put away, Christmas decorations tucked safely in their boxes ready for the excitement come next year, about the coming New Year. Last year I made resolutions. Lots of them actually. And I failed.


Haha, I don’t say that in a cynical way, I just should’ve known better than to make a giant goal list for 2012. I mean, we moved states, moved houses once, had a baby…I was busy!

But as I sat thinking, I realized that while my husband and I sat at 12:01 last year and prayed a long, heart-felt, hopeful prayer for the year, I didn’t think to pray for my resolutions. Or consider that The Lord could help me with them. Do I even need resolutions?

So I am sitting on the couch reading while my husband watches a movie, and the words are jumping off the page and are sinking deep into my heart. I am reading 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp and my heart is sighing over the lovely words. She has a way with words, y’all. I HIGHLY recommend the book. It also has a devotional that I would love to do with some ladies if you’re interested in a book club study. It would be so fun to get to know some bloggers and lean into he Lord with you ;)

So anyway, it came to me…how about instead of a list of resolutions, why don’t I just make a list of prayers? A list of what I want the LORD to do in me, in us, next year? He can keep promises. He can keep “resolutions,” so why don’t I just give up on my own resolutions and commit to trust in Him and what He can and WILL do?

I won’t share my list here. I was thinking I would, but some things are super personal. I would love if you would join me! Join me in giving up on yourself, on our attempts to keep resolutions, and just trust The Lord and His promises.

I’m committing to make a list of at least 12 things I want The Lord to do in me and around me next year. Will you commit to that too? Let me know if you’re joining me :)