BirchBox Review

I have had BirchBox for two months now. I have to say, I wasn’t at all impressed the first month. BUT, the second month was actually really good. Here is a recap of what I got this month!

December BirchBox

  1. Aerie | Shimmer Fragrance
  2. Benefit Cosmetics | it’s potent! eye cream
  3. Kérastase | Resistance Ciment Thermique – Protect
  4. ModelCo | SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss
  5. Chuao Chocolatier

LOVE pretty much everything! The fragrance from Aerie smells amazing. I have been looking for something to replace my previous scent [Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret – only because EVERYONE I know wears it!]. I think I may have to give this a go. Its light and sweet and not too strong.

I cannot wait to try the Benefit eye cream. I always have dark circles under my eyes [toddler and baby, anyone?!] and hope this does the trick. I will post later with a before and after – only if you are okay with seeing me makeup-less ;)

I received a Kérastase sample in my first BirchBox and loved it. I don’t really know what this one does specifically [leave in conditioner, but mentions that it is heat-activated], but I know that Kérastase always makes my hair feel like silk. :)

The lip gloss is to DIE for! First of all, its a full size “sample.” I love the subtle color and the fact that when you first apply it, it smells like watermelon. :) Its not too sticky [my husband HATES it when I wear lip gloss!!] and has just the right tint of color. Plus, it has a built in mirror…what girl wouldn’t like that?!

Lastly, the Chuao chocolate. Um, YUM. It had the right balance of sweet and salty. And normally I hate dark chocolate, but this was sooooo good. :) I may have to give dark chocolate another chance ;)

So there you have it, friends! :) I can’t say that I am super all in on BirchBox. Since I didn’t like the first one and loved the second one, I am at 50% right now. So I feel pretty neutral. I’ll say that I wasn’t satisfied with it at first because it seemed like I was getting a box of samples I could have collected on my own and the $10 was just paying for the convenience of me not having to drive around town to get the samples for free. I understand that these boxes are for you to try stuff and then buy them online, but I would like samples of stuff that I wouldn’t normally get a sample of.
For example, I don’t want perfume samples, but this month’s sample of the Benefit eye cream is right up my alley. I don’t want hair treatment samples, but this month’s lip gloss is a hit with me. So I guess if you are okay with the roll of the dice in getting a “good” or “bad” box, BirchBox can be fun.

I am going to try a Glam Bag next from Ispy, so I’ll keep you posted about my experience!

Do you have BirchBox? How long? Do you love it or hate it?