Lame Sauce

Epic fail. Face palm. Dd I just use those terms?? Oh yes, I did.

It’s because I soooo love blogging and haven’t been able to lately. But I miss you guys!! And your sweet comments and encouraging words. :) So forgive me? Promise we can still be friends?

I really have been praying about what to do about my time. You see, I feel like I barely have time to breathe let alone blog. But we’ll see!! Some potentially exciting things are in the works!! I had a job interview today (Tues) and reeeally hope I get it! And I also have been hired to help another blogger with her blog, SO I’m hoping that the extra finances will allow me to hire a nanny a few hours a week for me to get some blogging done.

But suuuursly, I miss y’all. Truly.