Always Lookin Fab

So this year, on Mother’s Day, my sweet husband surprised me with a cut and color at my favorite salon here in Phoenix. I went and was pampered and my hair looked uh-mah-zing (well, I thought so!).

I was SOOOO excited after that! I love how light and fresh new hair can make you feel! Don’t you?

Well, my hair dresser/cousin-in-law strictly told me, “You better come back in 6 weeks!” I smiled and said with confidence, “I will!” Well, here we are, 5 months later, and I never went back. NOT because of her at all, but because of ME! As much as I absolutely LOVED how she did my hair and would love to go back time and time again [especially since she just married my husband’s cousin and we love to support family!], I simply cannot afford the $100+ that it costs to have my hair done. Believe me, it was worth the money, but I don’t have it in my budget right now [or for the past 5 months, eep!].

SO, enter the box color. Seriously, box color makes me cringe and excited all at once. Sometimes you can find a good color, but since I am light headed and love me some highlights, box color tends to be my last resort. And, since I have a really good friend who is a hair dresser, my newly married cousin-in-law [seriously, I don’t even know if that is a term] is a hair dresser, and my little sister went to beauty school, I’m sort of embarrassed to admit I even resorted to a box. I can hear their groans now. lol ;)

So, we had a rough day yesterday [becoming the new norm, unfortunately], and as I was grocery shopping, I decided to pick up a color. I even text messaged my sister and asked if she thought it would work. She said she wasn’t sure, but that I could give it a try. I should have stopped there! lol

I came home and quickly applied the cream on my hair. 30 minutes later, I was near tears.

What is up with the whiteish grey streaks?? I know there’s a technical reason for this, but I was not ready to go spend tons of money to fix it. So there is whoops number…oh I don’t know…we’ve got lots of whoopsies in this here post, people. All I can say is that I am embarrassed. SO, how do you fix one big oops like this?

Buy another box color, of course! You think I’m kidding…

I’m not. [I can hear more groans…] Tonight is a blog trunk show I am going to that I am really excited about, so I absolutely HAD to fix it. And because, like I said, I don’t have the budget to have someone do it right, I went out to Walgreens to get another color.

This is what checkout looks like when you’re tired, had a rough day, and need a pick-me-up. So off I went, home to re-dye my hair and pray to the Lord Jesus it turned out okay. This next picture really doesn’t show the color well:

I actually like it. It is a few shades darker than my natural color [shh…we are not admitting that we’re not a natural blonde anymore]. It has a slight reddish tint to it, but I think it will wash out nicely to something I can live with. Oi. I guess I need to take some fashion advice from my two year old.

Have you ever had a box color fiasco? Tell me about it! Oh, and Happy Friday, all! :)


  1. says

    Um YEAH. I’m the queen of boxed hair dye fiasco’s.
    My sweet sister went to beauty school a few years ago and now lives by me…thus saving me from doing any more damage to my hair haha!

    I think one of the worst was when the blonde made it pumpkin orange.
    Yeah. That was a sad day.

    You’ve been on my mind lately….hope all is well!!!!!
    Love ya!

    • Erin Lauray says

      Oh no!! I’ve had several orange heads as well ;) my sweet friend is doing my hair tomorrow and I’m so excited!! Think of you lots too! Love ya! xoxo

  2. says

    Eek, what an ordeal! What was up with that first box? I’ve never seen someone end up with gray stripes. I like my natural color and I don’t have any grays (so far!) so I haven’t tried to dye my hair yet. As soon as I go gray I will.