[Tutorial Tuesday] Infant Sleep Sack

Elijah is a BIG boy :) And like my daughter, he desperately needs to be swaddled at night – even when he doesn’t “want” to be. I’ve tried no swaddle, but he just smacks himself in the face. No good. We started out with the Swaddle Me blanket, but now that he is the size of a 10 month old [and he’s not even four months yet], we had to switch over to a larger swaddling blanket. We use one like this one and LOVE it! Its a large [a little over 4 feet square] and made of a muslin-like material that breathes well. Imperative for those Arizona summers! ;)

But my little sweet pea is getting stronger. A LOT stronger. To the point that he can get both arms AND legs out of my swaddle…and that says something because I’ve been told that my swaddles are super tight. Even my mom was worried that Elijah wouldn’t be able to breathe! ha! Anyway, Elijah doesn’t necessarily need the tightness anymore — he gets super frustrated — but he does need the restraint because of the flailing arms.

So I sought out a solution that was with items I already had. I came up with an idea, and he is currently sound asleep in his bed with my new solution.

I took a sleep gown and turned it into what is basically a sleep sock ;) Here is what I did. If you’re interested, all you need is a sewing machine, an infant sleep gown [the kind with sleeves and an elastic opening at the bottom], and matching thread. Obviously scissors but I just thought I’d mention that ;)

First, turn your sleep gown inside out.

Then, all you do is sew along the sleeve seams.

Then cut the sleeves off. As you can see here, I sewed down the side of the body a little so that the armpit area didn’t stick out like a point. Know what I’m saying?

Turn right side out.

And voila! You’ve got yourself a sleep sock! ;) And one happy baby ;)

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