What does it cost?

I feel like we’ve all done it. Wondered how to balance life and business. How to balance kids and our walk with the Lord. We’ve wondered why sometimes its so hard to keep up in our Bibles, devotionals, reading, prayer, etc.

The kids just keep me so busy.

I am super busy with life and blogging, where would I fit it in?

Quiet time…I’m a mom, what is that?

I don’t know where to start.

I’m not a theologian…I don’t know how to study the Bible.

All are things I’ve said. And many times! Life is hard. Kids do take time and a lot of work. Sometimes you don’t get a single moment to yourself all. day. long. Anyone with me?!

I’ve long felt like these were valid excuses. God understands that I don’t have a moment to myself to spend in quiet time with Him. God understands that I blog/work/etc. so that when I have time, its usually spent in that activity. Have you said these things? Have you lined up all the exhausting tasks you have to do/always do and set quiet time aside?

Its just the season of life I’m in. God understands.

Oi. How many times I’ve said that… Don’t get me wrong…on hard days or even easy but busy days, God does understand. He knows you, made you, and gets what you’re going through. He knows that raising kiddos is hard. He knows that working full-time is hard. He knows that balancing life, husband, kids, work, friends, and maybe a single breather in there for you is simply hard work. He knows.

But, friend, don’t let that become your excuse. I’ve had seasons of my life where it was just a list of excuses. I didn’t pay attention in service because: it was too cold, I’m tired, I’m hungry, baby was in the nursery for the first time, I have a lot on my mind, bills are due and we have no money, etc. etc. etc. I didn’t spend time with the Lord today because: the kids were needy, kids are sick, I’m sick, I’m tired, we had lots of errands to run, I needed to write a blog post, I have a sponsor giveaway I have to tend to…Twitter…Facebook…Instagram…yada yada yada…

Girl, I know that our minds and hearts can get super bogged down with everyday life. And I also know that there are TONS of things that need to get done day in and day out. That every day can have a mile-long list of to-dos that sometimes don’t get done despite our desperate attempts to check things off.

But yesterday, as I was sitting in service…getting distracted…a few words pierced through the air into my heart like a knife.

Beware of a Christianity that costs you nothing.


Ouch. Totally what I needed but didn’t want to hear. As I thought about it, I realized that my list of excuses were just things I didn’t want to do. I am tired from being up with the newborn several times last night. I don’t want to get up early in the morning…that costs too much. I’m hungry during service so I’ll just text message everyone and find out where we’re eating for lunch. Can’t wait until the end of service…that costs too much. I don’t know how to study the Bible. I don’t want to take the time to learn some easy ways to do that…that costs too much.

Do you know what I mean?

The Lord was showing me yesterday that sometimes doing what you have to do is hard. Now don’t take that as the Lord saying that you need to get only 2 hours of sleep and get up early and pray and read your Bible for three hours. All I felt like He was saying was,

I paid it all for you…what cost are you willing to pay to be with Me?

I’m going to be embarrassingly honest here, friends…I get a good amount of sleep. I mean, Elijah (my almost 15 week old) has been up every night for the past two weeks after sleeping through the night for the previous five. He wakes up and cries, wriggles out of his swaddle but can’t sleep without it, drops his paci, etc. Every single night. Its exhausting. But is it exhausting enough to give up on getting up at 7am instead of 8am (my two year old daughter sleeps until 8:30/9 every morning, and Elijah eats at 5/6am and sleeps again until about the same time as his sister)? Most moms would KILL to sleep past 5:00 am! And I complain about having to get up at 7:00 am because I am tired.

Or lets say that I was up with Elijah and I didn’t get to sleep. The other day, I was up with him from 12:30am to 1:30am and then up with him every hour until 5:30 am. So, yes, that morning, I wanted to sleep until my toddler woke up. But what “cost” would it have been to pray throughout the day in my head while changing a diaper/making a bottle or lunch/etc.? What cost would it have been to sit down and read a few verses when he finally went down for a nap and my daughter was watching Tangled?

You know what I mean?

So I leave you with that today, friends. Not a critical judgement but an honest question…

….are you living a Christianity that costs you nothing?


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    I really enjoyed reading this article. I feel that to often we all make excuses, when if we would just take the time to pray and learn we might have a better day! 


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