Vacation…and a whole lotta pics!

Okay, we’re back from vacation and back in the swing of things. Hubby is back at work, I am home with the kiddies, and I need to grocery shop! That is one thing I do not like doing! I DO like having a full pantry and fridge, but I hate grocery shopping. Between the slow cart pushers and the time it takes to shop, I am just not in the best of moods by the time I am done. Anyone else feel this way?? Just me? okay…

I am also starting potty training with my daughter today, so I am hoping that all goes well! She is wearing panties only and no diapers and will gt 5 mini M&Ms if she pees on the potty. :) Its 12;30 and she hasn’t peed yet, so I am hoping it works… She’s used the toilet before so I am confident that she’ll do well. The hard thing is that since Jael is potty training, I can’t really leave the house with her! Which means no grocery shopping today. Which means what am I going to do for dinner?? I’m thinking smoothies are on the menu ;)

Coming back from vacation and getting back into the groove is hard! I am missing the constant adult interaction. Its hard to be a stay-at-home mom sometimes because you don’t get a lot of grown-up talk. And I did get quite a bit of this during vacation :)

We stayed in a beach house in Southern California for a week. The area we go to is basically our favorite vacation spot. Aside from last year, Joseph and I have vacationed there either together or separately every summer for the past 10 years. We honeymooned there and just love it! So I was up for a super fun week of relaxing, the beach, and time with family. But let me tell you….that did not happen. Well, not like I expected it to happen.

Elijah decided to scream his head off for the first half hour of the drive to California. He finally calmed down but had random screaming bouts the rest of the way. He also started majorly teething when we got there. He then caught a cold about three days into the trip. Oi. Jael was pretty good the whole time, but when she decided to be defiant, she was SUPER defiant. I then found out on one of the last days of the trip that she is cutting three of her four 2-year molars. What the kiddies were going through was more than enough to make for a stressful trip. But then…

I tripped and fell on the stairs at the beach house badly bruising my leg, wrist, and arm. I also stepped on a bee at the beach which was no fun. The stinger didn’t 100% penetrate my skin, so I only got like half of the effects, but it is still sore today. Joseph also caught a cold two days before we left for the trip that he battled the entire trip.

Needless to say, my husband and I feel like we need a vacation from our vacation!! We did have some great moments…most of which made the trip totally worth it, but it was just not a restful vacation. :( And it was all my fault because of my kids and such made the trip stressful for everyone else. For that, I feel super awful. :(

We were able to visit the pier, the beach, have lunch in our favorite restaurants, try a new restaurant, hang out with family, and had small little moments of relaxation. :) I just wish the WHOLE trip was relaxing!

Lunch with the sisters and mom (sorry I didn’t get a pic of you, mom!)

This was also Jael’s first time to the beach…let me tell you, this kid could have been born and raised a native Californian surfer. She had NO FEAR. My dad started to go out into the water to swim and Jael took off running into the water after him! With a big smile on her face! We were even in the water with her playing, jumping over little waves, etc. At one point, we were in to where the water was up to Jael’s waist and she kept giggling and yelling, “Go in deeper!! Farther!! Let’s GO!” :)

We took a trip to an outlet mall to walk around and the kids were SO tired, they crashed right away. ;) We also went to this AWESOME pizza restaurant that had an amazing vegetarian gluten-free pizza that was just to die for! And Jael loved her pizza too ;)

While we were there, my super talented sister, Amy, took some family photos and was kind enough to snap a few solo shots for me. ;) I’ll be sure to share those as soon as she’s done with them! :)

I am so excited to see the end result!

So for now, I will say goodbye to California. Hope I see you sooner than later!


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